New Credit Card Processing Software for DENTRIX G4

PowerPay LE is a convenient new program for DENTRIX customers. Now you can process credit and debit card transactions without leaving your DENTRIX G4 software and without the need to manually post the payments to the Ledger. Your practice may even qualify to receive PowerPay LE at no charge!

DENTRIX practices on a Customer Service Plan can enroll for PowerPay LE without any registration or upfront fees. Plus, there is no additional hardware or software to purchase. Enrollment even includes a magnetic card stripe reader.

PowerPay LE ensures your credit card processing savings with a Rate Match Guarantee.

How does it work?

PowerPay LE opens with the click of a button from the Ledger on your DENTRIX G4 toolbar. You simply enter the amount, swipe the card, click 'Process' and you're done. PowerPay LE populates the credit card information, processes the payment and posts the payment to the DENTRIX Ledger in seconds. The streamlined process eliminates the double entry required by a merchant terminal. Plus, payments are processed without tying up a phone line.

Visit the PowerPay LE Web page to learn more. You can even request a rate match comparison with no obligation.

Published: 09/02/2009
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