Simplify your claims reimbursement process.

Reduce your insurance claim reimbursement time from weeks to days with Dentrix eClaims – the most efficient electronic claims service for Dentrix.

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Full Integration

Dentrix eClaims is the only electronic claims service directly integrated into your Dentrix practice management software. Claims and attachments are sent seamlessly for faster processing with no bridges or third-party patches.

Automatic Claim Checks

With Dentrix eClaims you can check each claim for errors and receive suggest corrective actions to reduce claim rejections and avoid unnecessary delays.

Broad Payer Access

With one of the largest list of payers, Dentrix eClaims allows your practice to send more claims electronically. Claims that can’t be sent electronically are mailed for you at the same low price.

Real-Time Tracking

Dentrix eClaims tracks claims in real-time and sends electronic notices when they’re accepted, so you no longer need to call insurance providers for updates and can bill for unpaid balances sooner.

Full Software Support

Claims are always sent safely and reliably with automatic updates to Dentrix eClaims software. And the eClaims support team is always available to help troubleshoot any problems.

Bundle Discounts

Transactional discounts are available when you purchase Dentrix eClaims through one of our service bundles, which give you access to multiple Dentrix eServices at a lower cost.