Increase Cash Flow with Dentrix Paperless Dental Billing

Send electronic dental billing statements via email using Dentrix QuickBill Email!*

  • Patients can view and make payments online.
  • Bill anytime, not just once a month.
  • Collect smaller payment amounts you normally write off.
  • Save money you spend preparing and sending statements snail mail!

Why Customers Love Paperless Statements

“Now we can send electronic dental billing statements and get payments from patients quickly, inexpensively, and instantly – we’ve received credit card payments within 5 minutes of sending an email. Our patients love the flexibility of the 24/7 availability and the option to pay anytime from anywhere.”

– Dr. John W. Adams DDS PA

QuickBill Email Limited Time Offer

Activate QuickBill Email by February 28, 2022 and you’ll receive:

  • One month of QuickBill Email at no additional cost.
  • $500 credit toward your customer service bundle when you enroll for QuickBill Email with a new Worldpay Merchant ID.

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Accelerate Dental Billing

Dentrix QuickBill Email comes at a perfect time to help accelerate your dental billing processes to maintain cash flow while being sensitive to your patients’ financial situation. Customize messages and suppress delivery to specific patients when needed. Best of all, email notifications are more affordable than printed versions and allow patients to make payments quickly and easily.

How Electronic Statements Work

QuickBill Email helps you to be more efficient in your billing and collections. Electronic statements are sent directly to patients via a link in an email that provides patients with a simple process for making a payment – and payments post automatically to the Dentrix Ledger. Patients can also view their statements online without having to log in. This results in faster payments and a better overall experience for your patients and your dental team.

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*QuickBill Email requires Dentrix 7.4 (or above).

Ensure You Get Paid While Keeping Costs Down

QuickBill Email gives dental practices an efficient and affordable way to communicate outstanding patient balances and allows patients to make payments remotely. Emailed statements also reduce the costs associated with communicating outstanding balances by reducing the number of statements that must be printed and mailed.

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