Updating patient information in the Family File

You can update patient information in the Family File based on Questionnaire responses.

Note: When you update Questionnaire forms containing information or questions regarding new referral sources, employers, or insurance plans, you no longer have to re-enter the updated information manually.

To update patient information in the Family File

1.   In the Edit menu, click Update Patient Information.

The Update Patient Information dialog box appears with the name of the patient, the name of the form, and the response date in the title bar.

2.   In the Patient Information Categories section, select the category that you want to preview and update.

Note: A preview of the selected information appears in the From Questionnaire section. Any responses that are different from the information in the Family File appear in yellow.

3.   Do one of the following:

·        To update the Family File with all of the information appearing in yellow, click the double chevron button.

·        To update a single item in the Family File, select the item in From Questionnaire, and then click the single chevron button.

4.   Click Update to update the patient’s Family File.

A message appears asking if you want to continue and update the patient's family file.

5.   To continue, click Yes.

A second message appears stating that the Family File has been updated and asking if you would like to advance to the next section/category of the questionnaire.

6.   To continue, click Yes.

A green check mark appears next to the category you just updated.

7.   Click Close.