Verifying Insurance Eligibility

With the growing popularity of PPO plans, many patients can now choose among several dental care providers, so attracting these patients becomes ever more difficult. Turn the challenge of determining and tracking patient benefits into your opportunity to rise above the PPO crowd.

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Rise Above the Crowded Field

It’s now more critical than ever to distinguish your practice from others. Most dental insurance plans — about 82 percent — have shifted their approach to become preferred provider (PPO) plans, which means their enrollees have a choice of many dental care providers.

Dealing with insurance affects your office workflow every day and has a direct impact on the patient experience. As your team more effectively manages the insurance process, you can inspire patient loyalty, gaining return visits as well as referrals.

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Verify Eligibility to Avoid Frustration

Only about 50 percent of all dental offices verify insurance eligibility. Yet verification is your best protection against denied claims and frustrated patients because practices that don’t verify benefits have a higher denial rate than those that do.

You can verify benefits before the patient comes in — or you can chase the money later, disrupting the workflow as you deal with resubmitting denied claims and sending bills. Plus, your team can best prepare to discuss the patient’s treatment plan when they know how the insurance benefits come into play.

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Speed Up With Electronic Verification

Older, non-digital methods of insurance management could take hours each day. But just as insurance companies have changed, so too have your options for technology in your practice.

Dentrix gives you instant access to the insurance information for any new or returning patient before, during and after an appointment. Dentrix helps you answer patient questions and determine accurate deductibles and co-pays. You can even set it up to run patient eligibility verification automatically, based on your scheduled appointments.

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