Overseeing Insurance Claims

Do you spend hours submitting claims — only to end up resubmitting them? Overseeing insurance claims can seem complex and time-consuming, so it’s important to work smarter, not harder.

Ebook – Overseeing Insurance Claims

Get an in-depth look at what the Practice Advisor tool in Dentrix has done for other practices and a look into what it can do for your key performance metrics.


Webinar – Overseeing Insurance Claims

Learn how to set your practice apart with effective insurance management techniques.


Smarter Insurance Management

To exceed patients’ expectations and grow loyalty, it’s vital to submit their claims properly and help answer their questions quickly. If you won’t help your patients navigate their insurance, they’ll find a dental office that will.

Smarter insurance management begins with assigning someone from your team as insurance coordinator. Then, make use of electronic tools for insurance-related tasks such as submitting claims.

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Save Time with a Daily Focus

Don’t let insurance claims pile up on a desk. If you scramble to get them turned in within the submissions window, the stress can disrupt your workflow. When claims are submitted each day, it can lead to a consistent cash flow for your practice because balances over 90 days old lose 7 percent of their value each month.

Ultimately, less time spent submitting claims means lower overhead, which results in higher profits. It’s time to streamline your insurance claims with the right digital tools.

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Let Technology Be Your Friend

When you only have 90 days to submit claims that represent about 50 percent of your practice income, those submissions need to be a priority.

Just as insurance companies have changed, so have your options for technology in your practice. The right digital tools make this process significantly more efficient, greatly reducing the time you need to submit forms and to be reimbursed. These tools also help you prevent costly errors, and your patient remains informed.

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