Activate the integrated payment solution already in your Dentrix software

Gain more power and efficiency over your credit card processing with scheduled recurring payments, improved cash flow, and payments posted automatically to the ledger and patient’s account.

Are Dentrix Payment Solutions right for you?

Dentrix customers discuss how integrated credit card payment processing solutions, Dentrix Pay and PowerPayLE EMV make their jobs easier.


Dr. Sidney Kelly - More Efficient Using Dentrix Pay

Learn how Dentrix Pay enabled Dr. Sidney Kelly and staff to remove redundant steps related to payment processing.


Efficient, reliable, and lowest overall cost. That’s Dentrix Pay.

Why not pay less for your credit card processing? Dentrix pay has the lowest processing cost in the industry when all fees are considered. It simplifies your ability to collect payments and reduce outstanding balances. It allows practices to process credit and debit cards, EMV (chip cards), and contactless payments that post automatically into the Dentrix Ledger. This streamlined process eliminates payment double entry and speeds up the checkout process. Plus, the ability to setup recurring payment plans in Dentrix eliminates the hassle of collecting after an appointment. Dentrix Pay is available on Dentrix G7.2 or higher.

Gain more efficiency over your credit card processing with PowerPayLE EMV

PowerPayLE EMV gives practices an easy and efficient payment solution for processing credit and debit cards, EMV (chip cards), and contactless payments that automatically post to the Dentrix Ledger -- eliminating payment double entry. Patients save time at checkout by using their preferred payment method. PowerPayLE EMV is available on Dentrix G5.2 to G7.1.

“We have been very pleased with the new version of Dentrix Pay integrated directly into Dentrix. There are no errors now on the day sheets balancing the end of the day. In fact my staff wishes to stay with the new Dentrix Pay and I agree with them.”

- Fred Peck, DDS