Dentrix Practice Management Software

Be a more productive team and a more profitable practice.

Front Office Features

Password Security

Improve passwords by enhancing the complexity requirements, with automatic resets every 90, 180, or 365 days—or immediate system-wide password resets anytime as needed. Allow users to reset forgotten passwords by correctly answering security questions.

Dentrix Pay Payment Agreements

Link a saved credit card to a payment agreement. Charge saved credit cards directly from Payment Agreement Manager.

Month End and Task Scheduler

Schedule all of your month end tasks and reports to run automatically, without having to close out of Dentrix.

Simplify Scheduling

The Dentrix Appointment Book allows you to fill open appointments with the ASAP list, block the calendar for specific events, use Perfect Day Scheduling to streamline your workflow and more—with just a few clicks. View Screenshot »

Claim Validation

The Dentrix Ledger improves checkout times by automatically calculating insurance benefits and creating patient statements on the fly. It also lets you:

  • Review patient and family accounts at a glance.
  • Enter payments, file insurance claims, print statements and reminder letters.
  • Track and report financial responsibility for all transactions.

Improve Communication with Patients

The Dentrix Communications Manager* makes it easy to contact your patients via email, text messaging and postcard reminders. Patients can confirm their appointments with a single click.

  • Additional fees apply

Streamline Patient Check-ins

The Dentrix Kiosk* and Questionnaires* help you eliminate paper forms, improve information accuracy and speed up the check-in process. Your patients use a tablet in your reception area to fill in electronic forms and surveys, and their information is imported to Dentrix in seconds.

  • Additional fees apply

Manage the Payment Process

Dentrix QuickBill™* and eClaims™* give you more control over patient billing and insurance claims. Creating patient statements on-demand brings your practice income throughout the month. Filing insurance claims electronically lets you track the progress of your claims and reduces your reimbursement time.

  • Additional fees apply

Store and Retrieve Documents

With Dentrix Document Center, you’ll never misplace another document. Now you can instantly access documents vital to your practice, such as Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), X-ray images and more, from within Dentrix. You can even upload required documents to insurance claims with just one click.

Put Financial Discussions in Perspective

The Dentrix Treatment Planner lets you track patients throughout their lifecycle of care. You can easily print patient information, create new codes, manage case acceptance and more. With a record of agreed-upon treatments, patient financial issues can be seen in context and rapidly resolved at the front desk.

Clinical Features

Dentrix Smart Image – NEW

Depending on your practice's imaging software, you can now initiate planned imaging by selecting one or more teeth in the Dentrix Graphic Chart. You can then select the CDT code for the planned images, and the correct sensor will be selected and primed to take a series of images or an individual one. You can view icons of each tooth that show the types of completed images, and you can select from onscreen thumbnails to see all available images for the patient and the date of each image.

Health History Module

Divide Medical Alerts into Allergies and Medical Conditions. Add as many Allergies and Medical Conditions as needed (not limited to 64). Choose which Allergies and Conditions to include on the questionnaire form. Continue to track inactive Allergies or Conditions as needed in Medical Alert history.

Chart Patients Your Way

Dentrix 3D Patient Charting lets you create customized views of patient information. With an intuitive interface and custom colors for planned/completed procedures, you can build a complete view of each patient’s clinical situation. You can integrate various chart views, images, financing information and more with the chart. View Screenshot »

Automate Treatment Planning

Dentrix makes treatment planning easier by allowing you to select and drag multiple teeth in a chart, post procedures for those teeth, and follow intuitive prompts for multi-surface requirements. Each time you complete a planned procedure, Dentrix automatically transfers all information directly to the patient’s ledger. View Screenshot »

Synchronize Digital Images with Patient Records

View X-rays, interoral images and other information with the Dentrix 3D Patient Chart and automatically keep digital images synchronized with patient records. Integrated image thumbnails appear in the chart. Click once to display the full-sized image.

Expedite Perio Charting

The Dentrix Perio Chart lets you easily record pocket depths, gingival margins, CAL levels, MGJ measurements, mobility, furcation grades and more. It includes automatic calculation formulas that expedite the charting process. View Screenshot »

Organize Your Clinical Notes

Dentrix Progress Notes let you add clinical notes to patient records quickly and accurately to meet ICD requirements. You can customize your own note templates, or take advantage of more than 70 pre-defined templates included with Dentrix. View Screenshot »

Submit and Monitor Lab Cases Digitally

Digital Dental Exchange (DDX) allows you to submit digital prescriptions to your lab from within Dentrix. DDX ensures that your lab receives the necessary details for each order and lets you manage payments, statements and followup appointments.

Business Tools

Measure Your Financial Progress

Dentrix Practice Advisor helps you understand your practice’s financial performance with concise, easy-to-read reports compiled from all areas of your practice. You also get expert recommendations for improving the profitability of your practice.
View Screenshots »

Focus Your Team on Daily Goals

The Dentrix Daily Huddle report ensures your team is focused on the most important daily tasks that influence patient care and practice profitability. Use this report in your morning meetings to unify your team around the same goals.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Dentrix Profitability Coaching allows you to work directly with an expert coach who understands good business practices and has an in-depth knowledge of Dentrix. A series of personalized conference calls can help your practice boost productivity and profits.

Connect with Your Practice Anytime

Dentrix Mobile lets you access the important patient and schedule information you need when you’re away from the office. Now you can manage your practice from any location with your smartphone or mobile device.

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