Communication Manager

Streamline and automate patient communications with integrated digital tools.

Postcard Reminders

Communication Manager™ will print and mail postcards automatically and for less than mailing them yourself. Postcards can be used for recall or for appointment reminders, eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

Text Messages

Communication Manager sends text message reminders to patients with appointments scheduled. Text messages can be distributed on whatever schedule you chose - 1 day before, 8 hours before, etc, you can even include customized messages. Your patients can confirm the appointment via return text, which posts automatically to the Dentrix Appointment Book. Text messages are another terrific way Dentrix Communication Manager delivers timely patient reminders to reduce no-shows and ensure your patient's prompt arrival.

Electronic Newsletters

Keep your patients informed of new services, staff changes, events and more with Communication Manager's electronic newsletter feature. Communication Manager allows you to upload an electronic copy of your newsletter send it to your patients in seconds.

Satisfaction Surveys

You'll always know opinions of your practice with eCentral's patient satisfaction surveys. Post appointment satisfaction surveys are sent automatically. Plus, the results are tabulated so you can track the improvement of the patient experience.

Family Reminders

With today's information overload, your patients will appreciate the streamlined reminder feature for same-day family appointments. Now they'll get just one reminder for the entire family appointment block, instead of one for each person individually. Send reminders via email, text message or printed postcard and make confirmation as simple as a single reply.

Practice Statistics

The practice statistics feature gives you an at–a–glance view of statistics from all the communications to and from your patients and other providers.

Email Reminders

Email reminders are growing in popularity as a means to communicate with patients. Email reminders can be used for both continuing care and appointment reminders, and, since sending an email reminder is free, it's a great way to reduce communication expenses. The patient's confirmation of the appointment from the email reminder is automatically updated in your Dentrix Appointment Book.

Correspondence Manager

Communication Manager allows you to see exactly what automated communications went to your patients and when. You can even create customized campaigns from the Correspondence Manager.

Professional Referrals

Communication Manager makes sending professional referrals faster and easier than ever. You select the provider and the inclusions, eCentral does the rest.

Patient Referrals

Communication Manager automatically prompts your patients for a referral after they have completed a positive satisfaction survey. Patient referrals are an effective and inexpensive way to grow your patient base.

Smart Messaging

The new Smart Messaging feature helps you stay in touch with all of your patients without over-communicating. Sent by email, text message or printed postcard, based on available patient contact data, smart messages are personal and memorable. Welcome new patients. Send a thank you for scheduling an appointment. Say happy birthday or congratulations. Build patient relationships while subtly keeping your practice top of mind.

Patient Reviews

When patients complete an online post-appointment survey, they're asked to give your practice a star rating and review. eCentral then posts positive reviews automatically to your website, and provides a button that makes it simple for patients to post the review to your social media sites. That means the review gets seen by more people and you reap the benefits of positive word of mouth.

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