Insurance Manager

Track your electronic claims from inception to reimbursement.


In the ever-changing world of dental insurance, keeping track of patient eligibility, dental plan benefits and insurance claims can be a full-time job. It’s made even more complicated if you’re a member of a dental PPO in an area with multiple providers.

Add to that the fact that insurance payments make up a large volume of practice income and it’s easy to see how time-consuming it is to manage dental insurance claims.

Dentrix Insurance Manager™ automates many insurance tasks. It perfectly complements Dentrix eClaims, monitoring the entire claims process. You know immediately if a claim — both a dental PPO or out-of-network claim — is accepted or denied. That means you won’t be waiting by the mailbox for an EOB statement in the mail.

On top of it all, Insurance Manager gives you real-time insurance eligibility updates. Whether you need to check for inclusion in the dental PPO you belong to or ensure the patient’s managed care dental insurance plan is current, Insurance Manager handles it all. This reduces time spent on the phone and gives you accurate projections of co-pays for the day’s patients.

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