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Put the web to work for your practice with a Dentrix-integrated website.


Your patients are searching the Internet for your dental website. Give them what they’re looking for. Now more than ever patients are relying on the Internet for help in making buying decisions, scheduling appointments and paying bills. If you don’t have a website or if your website doesn’t have useful functionality, your patients’ needs are not being met.

With Dentrix Website Manager™, you can give your patients the means to securely access personal information online. In doing so, you reduce the number of phone calls that would normally consume staff time and interrupt productivity—all while providing improved customer service. Your patients will have round-the-clock access to view upcoming appointments, treatment plans and account balances, easily accessible on their dentist's website. Patients will even be able to make online payments, request appointments and complete patient questionnaires that can be easily imported directly into Dentrix.

eServices Website Manager

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