Website Manager

Put the web to work for your practice with a Dentrix-integrated website.

Hosting and Editing

eCentral™ provides your practice with the convenience of affordable hosting and easy-to-use editing tools in one convenient package. eCentral allows you to change messaging, imagery, navigation or the entire theme in just seconds.

Email Accounts

eCentral includes 10 free email accounts for added convenience and a new level of professionalism. Plus, you have the option to add additional accounts as needed.

Appointment Request

eCentral allows your patients to request appointments online through your practice Web site. Your patients will appreciate the convenience. Online Payment eCentral enables your patients to pay their bills online through your practice Web site for improved cash flow, added patient convenience and fewer inbound phone calls.

Patient Education

Patients can access dental health education information through your practice Web site. The content is updated automatically, making it one of the most inexpensive benefits you can provide for your patients.

Template Library

eCentral includes a large library of professionally designed templates so you're sure to find one that complements the branding of your practice.

Patient Login

eCentral becomes an extension of your front office through 24-hour patient access to view appointments, treatment plans, account balances and payment plans. Patients appreciate the convenience and your staff has fewer disruptive inbound phone calls.

Online Patient Forms

Patients can complete dental history and insurance forms online through your practice Web site for a more efficient patient visit. Now your staff can concentrate on other tasks, rather than manually entering patient data.

Visitor Reports

Know first–hand that your Web site is working for you. You can see how many patients are visiting your Web site and which pages they are viewing.

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