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The payor search tool helps you identify the insurance companies you work with that offer electronic connectivity. You can search by payor ID or Payor Name for payers that accept electronic claims and attachments, or that provide electronic insurance eligibility verification.

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If the insurance company you work with isn’t on the list or if they are on the list, but don’t provide the service you want, tell us about it. We’ll try to get them added.

Payor ID or Payor Name:
Payor ID Payor Name eClaims™ Special Enrollment Attachments Eligibility Real Time eEOB eEOB Enrollment
CX014Medicaid of TennCare (Doral)
CX014Medicaid of TN TennDent
CX014Medicaid of VA Mid-Atlantic DHMO
CX014Medicaid OH - Amerigroup
CX014Medicaid OH - Buckeye Health
SKYGNMedicaid OH - Molina HealthCare
SKYGNMedicaid OH - Molina OH
CX014Medicaid OH - QualChoice
CX014Medicaid OH - Unison
CX014Medicaid OK - Heartland Health
CX014Medicaid OK - Unicare Health Plan
CX014Medicaid PA - Keystone Mercy
CX014Medicaid PA - UPMC Health Plan - Dental
CX014Medicaid PA - UPMC Health Plan Pittsburg
CX014Medicaid VA - Doral Health Plan
CX014Medicaid Wellcare of OH, Inc.- Adults
CX014Medicaid Wellcare of OH, Inc.- Children
CX014Medicaid WI - Doral Health Plan
CX014Medicaid WI - UHC of WI
CX014Medicaid WI Badger Care
CX014Medicaid Wisconsin (2001)
CX014Missouri Care (Doral Dental)
CX014Missouri Medicaid Blue Advantage (Grp#0006)
CX014Missouri Medicaid Community Care Plus-St. Louis (Grp#0028)
CX014Missouri Medicaid Community Health Plan (Grp#0009)
CX014Missouri Medicaid First Guard Health Plan (Grp#0008)
CX014Missouri Medicaid Health Net (Grp#0007)
CX014Missouri Medicaid Healthcare USA (Grp#0027) (St. Louis)
CX014Missouri Medicaid Truman Care-Family Health Partners (Grp#0010)
CX014Molina HealthCare of Florida
SKYGNMolina HealthCare of New Mexico
SKYGNMolina HealthCare of Ohio
CX014Nebraska Medicare United Healthcare of the Midlands (Grp#0001)
CX014New Mexico Medicaid Cimmeron Health Plan (Grp#0025)
CX014New Mexico Medicaid Lovelace Community Health Plan (Grp#0023)
CX014New Mexico Medicaid Presbyterian Salud (Grp#0024)
CX014Ohio Medicaid and Medicare Emerald HMO (Grp#0039)
CX014Ohio Medicaid Health Power HMO (Cincinnati, OH) (Grp # 0019)
CX014Ohio Medicaid Personal- Physicians Care (Cleveland, OH) (Grp#0002)
CX014Ohio Medicaid- United HealthCare Inc. Medicare Complete (Grp#0021)
CX014Pennsylvania Medicaid & Medicare (Oak tree) (Grp#0038)
CX014Pennsylvania Medicaid & Medicare Health Partners (Grp#0005)
CX014Pennsylvania Medicaid- Best Health Care (Pittsburgh, PA) (Grp#0031)
CX014Pennsylvania Medicaid- Gateway Health Plan (Pittsburgh, PA) (Grp#0017)
CX014Physicians Plus Insurance Co. WI State Employees (Grp#0040)
CX014PrimeCare Wisconsin State & Federal Employees and Medicaid (Grp#0011)
CX014TennCare (TN BCBS Medicaid Plan)
CX014Texas CHIP - DentaQuest Government
CX014Virginia Medicaid Health Keepers Plus(Grp#0037)
CX014Virginia Medicaid Smiles for Children
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