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The payor search tool helps you identify the insurance companies you work with that offer electronic connectivity. You can search by payor ID or Payor Name for payers that accept electronic claims and attachments, or that provide electronic insurance eligibility verification.

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If the insurance company you work with isn’t on the list or if they are on the list, but don’t provide the service you want, tell us about it. We’ll try to get them added.

Payor ID or Payor Name:
Payor ID Payor Name eClaims™ Special Enrollment Attachments Eligibility Real Time eEOB ICD10
37314Total Admin./North Broward Hospital District
37314Broward Health
37314North Broward Hospital District
37314South FL Community Care Network-NBHD
37318Southern Benefit Services (Claims printed & mailed)
37320Creative Plan Administrators
37323Key Solution
37324Upper Peninsula Health Group (TPA)
38217Priority Health
38221Regency Employee Benefits
38225NGS American Inc.
38238Northern New England Benefit Trust (NNEBT)
38238MI Regional Council of Carpenters Employee Benefit
38238Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters Employee Benefits Plan (Troy, MI)
38238Northern New England Benefit Trust
38241Employee Benefit Concepts (Farmington Hills, MI)
38255Activa Benefit Services LLC Dental
38255Amway Corporation
38259Automated Benefit Services
38265Administration Systems Research (ASR)
38265ASR Corporation
38265ASR Health Benefits
38265Physicians Care (ASR Corporation)
38265Physicians Care Health Plans (ASR Corporation)
38265Physicians Care Network (ASR Corporation)
38308Christian Brothers Services (CBS Health Benefits)
38310John Morrell Company- AHBPA
38520Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina - FEP
38520BC/BS of SC
38520BCBS SC
38520Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina/ FEP as well
38520Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina
38520SC BCBS
38520SC Blue Cross Blue Shield
38520South Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield
38610Set Seg Inc. (Claims are printed & Mailed)
39026UMR- Wausau /UHIS
39026Employers Insurance of Wisconsin
39026Fiserv Health- Wausau Benefits/ Benesight
39026Wausau Benefits/ Benesight
39033Sentry Life Insurance Company (Claims with DOS through 2010)
39033Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company
39033Sentry Life of New York
39033Shelter Point Life Insurance Company
39065Time Insurance Company (Claims Printed)
39065Assurant Health -IM & GROUP FULLY-INSURED (Claims Printed)
39065DentiCare of Alabama Inc. (Claims Printed)
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