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The payor search tool helps you identify the insurance companies you work with that offer electronic connectivity. You can search by payor ID or Payor Name for payers that accept electronic claims and attachments, or that provide electronic insurance eligibility verification.

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If the insurance company you work with isn’t on the list or if they are on the list, but don’t provide the service you want, tell us about it. We’ll try to get them added.

Payor ID or Payor Name:
Payor ID Payor Name eClaims™ Special Enrollment Attachments Eligibility Real Time eEOB eEOB Enrollment
SCIONAmeriHealth Caritas Northeast- Scion
SCIONNortheast Caritas- AmeriHealth (by Scion)
CX094Dental Health Services of America
CX015IHC Health Solutions
EMBDQDQ/Emblem (Emblem Health Medicaid)
CKMA1Massachusetts Health Program-Medicaid
CKMA1Medicaid of Massachusetts (Health Safety Net)
CKMA1Health Safety Net
46278ENVD IN MHS Hoosier Healthwise Package A
46278ENVD IN MHS Hoosier Healthwise Package C
46278ENVD GA Peach State Medicaid CHIP
46278ENVD GA Peach State Medicaid Adult
46278ENVD GA Peach State Medicare Advantage
46278ENVD GA Peach State Ambetter
46278ENVD AR Ambetter
46278ENVD TX Superior Healthplan Medicare Adv
46278ENVD MS Magnolia Medicare Advantage
46278ENVD WI MHS BadgerCare Plus Standard SSI
46278ENVD OH MyCare MMP Medicare Opt In
46278ENVD OH MyCare MMP Children 18+
46278ENVD OH- Medicare Advantage
46278ENVD OH- HIM (Ambetter)
46278ENVD OH Child and Adult CFC/ABD All Ages
46278ENVD IN MHS- Hoosier Care Connect
46278ENVD IN MHS - Ambetter
46278ENVD IN MHS- HIP Basic, Plus, Pregnancy
46278ENVD IN MHS- HP Plus
46278ENVD IN MHS- HP Basic (19-20 yrs old)
46278ENVD IL Illinicare Health Ambetter
46278ENVD IL Illinicare Health MMA (Dual)
46278ENVD AZ Health Net Medicare Advantage
46278ENVD AZ Health Net Access Medicaid Adult
46278ENVD AZ Health Net Access Medicaid Chip
46278ENVD AZ Bridgeway Health Solutions Child
46278ENVD AZ Bridgeway Health Solutions Adult
46278ENVD AZ Bridgeway Advantage
46278ENVD AZ Cenpatico Integratd Care
PCA01PrimeCare Administrators (PPO)
TLZ04Cypress Ancillary Benefits
34150Hometown Health Network (St. Clairsville, OH)
38242Southern Benefit Administration Inc. (EOB's are EDI, claims Printed & mailed)
70408Sun Life Financial (PO Box 2940 Clinton IA)
BEAM1BEAM Insurance Administrators
CB695Resolve / Solarte Health Inc.
35245Continental Benefits
58379Echo HealthCare Inc. (eEOB's are EDI, Claims Printed & Mailed)
DTCA7Dental Transformation Initiative (DTI)
38238Allegiant Care (fka Northern New England Benefit)
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