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The payor search tool helps you identify the insurance companies you work with that offer electronic connectivity. You can search by payor ID or Payor Name for payers that accept electronic claims and attachments, or that provide electronic insurance eligibility verification.

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If the insurance company you work with isn’t on the list or if they are on the list, but don’t provide the service you want, tell us about it. We’ll try to get them added.

Payor ID or Payor Name:
Payor ID Payor Name eClaims™ Special Enrollment Attachments Eligibility Real Time eEOB eEOB Enrollment
BEAM1Beam Dental
BEAM1Beam Ins.
BEAM1Beam Ins. Admin
BEAM1Beam Insurance
BEAM1Beam Insurance Admin
BEAM1First Dental Health/ BIA
CXBMDBeam Insurance Administrators
CXBMDBeam Dental
CXBMDBeam Ins.
CXBMD Beam Ins. Admin
CXBMDBeam Insurance
CXBMDBeam Insurance Admin
CXBMD First Dental Health/ BIA
46278Envolve Health (f.k.a. Dental Health & Wellness)
37321Fidelity / Key Select
37322Companion Life/ KHP
12268Total Senior Care
128WVAetna Better Health of West Virginia
SKYGNMedicaid WI-Molina HealthCare
CDCA1Delta Dental of CA- Federal Programs
BBMDQBCBS MI Medicare Advantage
WIMANWisconsin Medicare Advantage
71065Oklahoma DRS DOC
CX083Anthem Insurance - PPOB & PPOD
CX083EasyChoice Health Plan
CX083EmpireHealthChoice Assurance - OSB Low & PPOB
CX083EmpireHealthChoice HMO
45114PACE of Southwest Michigan Inc
35416PACE Nebraska
53534PACE SouthWest Iowa
72436PACE Central Iowa
CBWY1Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming
BSCA2Blue Shield of California-FEP
98543Wyoming PACE
54398Allina Health-Aetna
UTUDDDentist Direct LLC
61184Arkansas Superior Select
61185Kalos Gold Health Plan
22267NJ Delta DHMO
46251Ho-Chunk Health Care Center
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