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Find all the QuickBill resources to help you automate and digitize your payment and billing processes right within Dentrix.

Product Brochures

QuickBill Premium Product Information Sheet

Find out how convenient the billing and collections process can be with Dentrix Quickbill Premium. Send customized statements directly from Dentrix via mail, email, text or a combination of these — whichever works best for your unique practice and patients.
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QuickBill Email Product Information Sheet

Dentrix QuickBill Email™ offers an electronic billing solution that’s seamlessly built into the native Dentrix workflow. By sending statement notifications sooner and more frequently, your office can be paid faster and collect balances, large and small, that you’ve previously had to write off. QuickBill Email makes it easier for your patients to pay in office, at home, or anytime that’s most convenient and allows your team to collect payments 24/7.
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QuickBill Mail Product Information Sheet

Dentrix QuickBill™ gives you all the control of manually produced patient billing statements without all the tedious busy work or expensive inventory.
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Dentrix Service Bundle Flyer

Dentrix eServices™ work hand-in-glove with your Dentrix practice management system. They are digital tools designed to increase the productivity of your front office.
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Control Your Cash Flow & Profitability

Watch how Dentrix integrated solutions help put you in control of paperless billing, payment, collections, insurance management and claims management.
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Case Study Dr Kelly

Dr Kelly's staff has eliminated the busy work associated with sending patient billing statements and noticed the benefits of more regular cash flow throughout the month.

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QuickBill Mail Overview

Dentrix QuickBill takes the manual process out of sending patient billing statements by handling all the printing, folding, stuffing and mailing statements for you.

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QuickBill Email Overview

Watch how you can streamline and accelerate your billing processes by sending electronic statements directly to your patients via email. Fully integrated with Dentrix, QuickBill Email provides practices with an affordable and efficient way to communicate outstanding balances and allows patients to make payments remotely, 24/7.
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One Billing Solution. Multiple Ways to Save!

Watch how Dentrix QuickBill Email and QuickBill Mail give you the flexibility to offer every patient’s preferred method for billing while freeing up time for your staff to focus on patient care.
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