Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Henry Schein Practice Solutions certify trainers?

Henry Schein Practice Solutions certifies trainers to better serve our customers. We recognize the value of good training for Dentrix users and want to utilize the many excellent trainers who have the ability to successfully share their knowledge of Dentrix with others.

What qualities are important in a Dentrix Certified Trainer?

Applicants should possess a high standard of integrity, good human relation and communication skills, a working knowledge of computers, an in-depth knowledge of the Dentrix program, and excellent training skills.

What qualifications are required to become certified?

Applicants must have at least two years of experience working in a dental office on a daily basis using Dentrix G2 or higher software.

Is there enough work to train full time?

The Dentrix Certified Trainer position can be full time or part time. Dentrix Training opportunities are driven by sales therefore there can be no guarantees.

How often will I be asked to train?

It varies depending on the demand at the time. Currently, the average is 1 - 3 training sessions per month.

Am I guaranteed work once I become certified?

No, we cannot guarantee you work once you become certified. The work you get is based strictly on the need for training, which can vary depending on the area of the country in which you live, the status of a new software release, the number of software sales in your area, and the time of year.

Once I am certified, are there any continuing certification requirements?

Yes, every time Henry Schein Practice Solutions releases a new version of the software you may be required to re-certify depending on what new features are included in the impending release. In order to re-certify, you will be advised as to what guidelines must be followed for re-certification. If an exam is required, it will ONLY pertain to the new features of the software.

You will be invited to attend our Train-the-Trainer Conference. We host this annual event at various locations to provide you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and meet other Dentrix Certified Trainers from around the nation.

What is the New Trainer Mentoring Program and is it required?

Yes this is a requirement of our Certification program. The Mentoring program has been designed to prepare trainers for "real world" settings. This program can include:

  • Shadow an experienced trainer during an In-Office training session. A new trainer that is “shadowing” is there only as an observer, not an active participant in the training. Shadowing is designed to help you better understand how training is conducted and to learn from an experienced Dentrix Certified Trainer.
  • Attend a workshop presented by a fellow trainer (Workshop Instructor).
  • Connect with local Henry Schein team members at tradeshows.
  • New trainers are required to participate in phone coaching and mentoring opportunities provided on an individual basis.
How do I find opportunities to train?

There are a number of ways that you can find training opportunities:

  • The corporate Systems Implementation (SI) Representative assigned to your geographic region will contact you when training becomes available in your area. You will be introduced to your SI representative during the certification seminar. We strongly recommend that you maintain regular contact with your SI rep and keep him/her informed about the days of the week you are typically available to train.
  • You are also permitted to market yourself to offices in your geographic region. You will be given the rights to use a certified trainer logo. The logo can be added to your business cards and stationery to help in your marketing efforts. When you deliver training that you have sold, you will be paid at a higher rate.
How do I get paid for training?

Payments will be dispersed after the following items are completed:

  • You will receive a contract for each training session that you are assigned to train.
  • In order to be paid for your training, you are required to complete required documentation regarding each training session you have completed.
  • Upon submission of the required documentation and signed contracts, the training department will process them for payment.
  • Payment will be processed and deposited directly into your account within two weeks.
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