Dentrix Learning Edition

Software for students and job seekers.

Learn Dentrix at your own pace

Are you a motivated, independent learner? Are you comfortable installing software and using computers? Do you want to learn how to use Dentrix® by exploring the software at your own pace? If so, then the Dentrix Learning Edition is for you.

The Dentrix Learning Edition is a limited-use version of the Dentrix software. Along with the software, you will receive a study guide that offers simple explanations of features in the software and recommends practice exercises. If you register your Learning Edition software, you’ll also receive access to a collection of online video tutorials. (Registration is optional.) You can use these resources as you study the software at your own pace.

Before you purchase the Dentrix Learning Edition, please read the system requirements to ensure that your computer meets the required specifications and read our answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). You can also download the installation instructions, end user license agreement, and study guide table of contents.

For a limited time, you can purchase the Dentrix Learning Edition for only $49.95 plus shipping and sales tax. To order your personal copy today, please call our sales team at 800.336.8749.

With Dentrix experience, you’ll be better prepared to secure a job and build a successful career in a progressive dental practice.

Information for Schools

School bookstores are welcome to purchase copies of the Dentrix Learning Edition for distribution to students. However, the Learning Edition is not designed or licensed for use in a networked classroom or computer lab. Schools who want to install Dentrix in a classroom or lab are invited to apply for a Dentrix software donation. For more information about the limitations of the Dentrix Learning Edition, please read our FAQs.

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