Title: Best Practices for Getting Money Off the Books and in the Bank

Duration: 60 Minutes

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It’s astonishing how often a doctor doesn’t know their practice’s accounts receivable or how often an office manager doesn’t know what reports to look at to find it. If this sounds like you, you need this webinar on getting the money off the books and in the bank. Would you like to increase your cash flow, prepare patients for payment at the time of service and put yourself in the driver’s seat with insurance companies?

In our free webinar “Best Practices for Getting the Money off the Books and in the Bank,” Dayna Johnson will help you learn systems for knowing who owes you money, how to collect it and how Dentrix QuickBill Email can help! You’ll learn how to

  • Get insurance companies to pay in 30 days with the first submission
  • Create a timeline for phone calls, letters and follow-up
  • Build a better workflow for billing statements
  • Get the entire team on board in collecting at the time of service

Plus, much more!

Participants will also take away

  • Sample collection letters
  • Sample insurance narratives to improve payment

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you and your practice can improve billing process efficiency and accelerate cash flow from a solution like Dentrix QuickBill Email. Register today!

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Dayna Johnson, Founder and CEO, Novonee

Dayna loves her work. During her career of managing an amazing dental practice, she started training and consulting with other dental practices around the region and found that was her life’s work. Now with more than 25 years of experience in the dental industry, Dayna’s passion for efficient, consistent and secure systems is grounded in personal understanding and professional expertise. Her direct, pragmatic approach helps clients develop standardized protocols for all practice management systems.


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