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Treatment Planning

Tap into Your “Million Dollar Filing Cabinet”
Tight integration with Henry Schein Guru makes presenting treatment plans and case procedures more effective than ever. When you use Guru Libraries with the Dentrix Presenter, you can automatically create high-quality multimedia case presentations based on your treatment plan procedure codes. Attach consent forms, procedure animations and case details to a treatment plan and improve case acceptance and patient retention. With Dentrix you can create multiple treatment plans, link alternate treatment plans and track and manage all of your patients plans. Easily show treatment plans that have been referred, proposed, accepted, rejected or completed with a status history for each case.

Dentrix easily shows your patients that have unscheduled or uncompleted treatment plans. With just a few clicks, Dentrix can tell you more than just who, but also how much in treatment plans remains unscheduled. Many consultants refer to this as the "Million Dollar File Cabinet." You can even limit your searches to patients with remaining benefits or particular types of unfinished procedures. You won't have treatment plans falling through the cracks again.

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Dentrix Profitability Coaching

Discover how Dentrix Profitability Coaching can help you.

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