With PowerPayLE EMV, processing credit card payments is an integrated part of your Dentrix software!

PowerPayLE EMV allows your office to accept EMV (chip card), credit and debit card, and NFC/contactless transactions directly through your Dentrix software. With PowerPayLE EMV, there’s no additional software to buy and no upfront or registration fees. Hardware devices are sold separately.


The Ingenico iPP320 is a fast, all-in-one device that seamlessly integrates with new PowerPayLE EMV software. It supports EMV (chip), credit and debit cards, traditional magnetic stripe cards and contactless payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

The iPP320 is easy for patients and staff to use. It has an easy-to-read back-lit LCD screen and its large keypad makes entering PINs and other information fast and easy. The lightweight, flexible iPP320 can be used as a both a hand-held or countertop device.

Reduce errors and increase profitability!

With PowerPayLE EMV and an iPP320 device, you can:

  • Process EMV (chip card) and NFC contactless transactions
  • Process credit card and PIN debit transactions as well as flex spending cards
  • Integrate with your Dentrix software for ease and simplicity
  • Post payments automatically to your Dentrix Ledger to eliminate double entry
  • Process payments without tying up a phone line
  • Deposit funds into your account usually within 48 banking hours
  • Save staff time
  • Ensure competitive transaction fees with a free rate comparison and a rate match guarantee

PowerPayLE EMV is included with your customer service plan!

Today’s patients want a variety of easy-to-use payment options and we’re here to help you meet their needs with a simple and cost-effective software solution.

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