Your patient data is among the most valuable assets your practice owns. You should ensure that it is safely and securely backed up and available in case of disaster and potential loss of all or portions of your patient data. Dentrix eBackUp is a simple and automated solution to help you do just that.

eBackUp is not any backup solution. It is a cloud-only offering that encrypts1 and stores your data in the Dentrix Cloud. Many practices have local backup to tape, USB, hard drive, DVD or thumb drive. In addition, storing your backups in the cloud ensures your data is safe and protected from these less reliable types of backup that are subject to human error and improper storage on backup media. Furthermore, flood, fire, theft, power surge, computer failure, spilled coffee, and even forgetfulness can be catastrophic. In all of these cases, it is comforting to know that your data is safe.

Health care providers should have a backup and recovery plan in order to have continuous access to patient health information. How that plan is executed is up to you. We strongly recommend your backup plan include redundancy for both onsite and offsite backup so your recovery plan is covered. Dentrix eBackUp automates the backup process and performs scheduled backups as you direct. You control which files you want to back up and how often – eBackUp does the rest. eBackUp will also keep you informed of the status of your backup data with backup logs and alerts that are emailed to you. You can have peace of mind knowing which files backed up successfully and which, if any, still need attention.

1 Encryption utilized is AES 128-bit for compression and storage of data and 3DES for transmission of data to the Dentrix Cloud.

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