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Why Choose DEXIS with Dentrix Smart Image?

Dentrix Smart Image expands your ability to provide quality care by connecting your clinical and financial process into one efficient workflow. The DEXIS Titanium digital sensor, when paired with DEXIS software, will capture premium, diagnostic-quality images in an easy-to-use, intuitive imaging interface. Smart Image will then automatically associate your DEXIS images with the correct CDT codes for accurate billing, and displays them in the patient chart.

Connecting the CDT codes with your DEXIS images saves you time and helps you get paid accurately for the procedures you perform.

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Benefits of Smart Image

Image Acquisition with DEXIS

As with the seamless integration you are used to with DEXIS, image acquisition with DEXIS software and Smart Image is similar, with additional, enhanced benefits.

Smart Image Acquisition Button

DEXIS Integrator Acquisition Button

Enhanced billing and CDT code tagging

When you acquire new images using Smart Image, it adds CDT code tagging to all images. This enhances billing and recall of images.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Smart Image Automated Dentrix Posting

Unlike Integrator, for each new acquisition, Smart Image automatically updates Dentrix, saving you time, energy, and potential lost billing opportunities.

Automated ledger entries for expedited billing

Smart Image automatically posts the procedure to the Ledger for billing.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Automated updates to Continuing Care image dates and eligibility tracking

Smart Image automatically updates Continuing Care image dates for tracking future eligibility.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Automated audit log of imaging procedures

Smart Image automatically produces an accurate audit log of your imaging procedure.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Image Storage and Display

View DEXIS images directly in the Patient Chart.

Smart Image Tab

For Smart Image, you access your images in a new Smart Image tab similar to the Integrator tab.

DEXIS Integrator Tab

Locating Patient images

Like Integrator, Smart Image lets you click thumbnail images in the tray to see an enlarged image. Smart Image expands your options for finding that perfect image:

View all 2D and 3D images in thumbnail tray

Smart Image displays available patient images from all participating Smart Image vendors in the thumbnail tray. By bringing together all available patient images for selection and viewing, Smart Image supports fast, accurate diagnosis.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Smart Image Filter Images

Filter images in thumbnail tray (a) by date, (b) by imaging vendor, and (c) by six image types: (1) intraoral x-ray, (2)extraoral x-ray, (3) intraoral camera, (4) extraoral camera, (5) 3D CBCT volume, and (6) CAD/CAM scan.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Smart Image Select by Tooth

Select one or more teeth in the Patient Chart to see all available images for those teeth.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Template Navigation

View exam/template views to easily narrow your selection of images.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Viewing Images

As with Integrator, Smart Image lets you choose a thumbnail to see an enlarged image preview. Here’s how Smart Image expands your experience.

Single-click Diagnostic Viewer

A single-click on a thumbnail opens the Diagnostic Viewer where you have controls to manipulate the image brightness, contrast, and zoom.

DEXIS Integrator Preview Images

A double-click on a thumbnail opens the image preview where you are limited to brightness and contrast adjustments only.

Smart Image Compare Images

Select and pin up to four images side by side in the Patient Chart for comparison.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Smart Image Most Recent Images

View an image panel with the most recent images for six image types.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

Smart Image Vendor View

By double-clicking a thumbnail in Smart Image, you can open the image in the vendor’s native image window and using their suite of tools. View images from any participating Smart Image vendor without leaving the Patient Chart.

DEXIS Integrator Vendor View

If you single click on the black background of Integrator (not on any thumbnail) the Integrator launches DEXIS software.

Image Attachments to eClaims

Automatically add attachments to Dentrix eClaims.

Smart Image Manual Attachments

DEXIS Integrator Manual Attachments

Smart Image Automated Attachments

With Smart Image, attachments can be automatically added to Dentrix eClaims to avoid accidental omissions leading to reimbursement delays or oversights.

Not available in DEXIS Integrator

The Dentrix Smart Image connector and DEXIS Integrator can both be installed and used simultaneously.

Ready to get started? We look forward to supporting you as you transition to Smart Image and DEXIS Imaging to boost your imaging outcomes. For next steps, please click here to view the DEXIS Smart Image FAQ. Dentrix Smart Image for DEXIS does NOT replace DEXIS Imaging software. Instead, it works interactively with the DEXIS Imaging software. Practices should maintain licenses and support for DEXIS Imaging as needed.

  • DEXIS Integrator for Dentrix™ is a licensed trademark of KaVo Dental.
  • Automated attachment of emails requires processing of eClaims through Henry Schein One.