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DEXIS™ Connector for Dentrix Smart Image FAQs

Q: Why should I choose the DEXIS connector for Dentrix Smart Image?

A: The award-winning DEXIS imaging portfolio of hardware and software solutions have been leading the industry for years. With DEXIS, practices can rely on an easy-to-use, seamless workflow to easily acquire, filter, organize, and compare images. The DEXIS connector is the best solution for optimizing your DEXIS system with Dentrix.

Q: How much does the DEXIS connector for Dentrix Smart Image cost?

A: Like all Smart Image connectors, the DEXIS connector is included at no cost with your Dentrix support plan.

Q: What version of Dentrix do I need to use the DEXIS connector for Dentrix Smart Image?

A: The DEXIS connector works with any version of Dentrix G7 (G7.0 or higher). Dentrix G7.3 is recommended for optimal performance. All features of Smart Image work with G7.0 through G7.2 except automated eClaims attachments. Dentrix G7.3 allows Smart Image to automatically attach DEXIS images to your Henry Schein eClaims.

Q: How do I install the DEXIS connector for Dentrix Smart Image?

A: If you are on Dentrix G7.0 through 7.2 (and have a current Dentrix support plan), call Dentrix support at 1-800-DENTRIX, Option 2, and ask to have Smart Image and the DEXIS connector installed.

If you are on Dentrix G7.3 or higher, Smart Image is already installed. Go to your Dentrix Patient Chart and choose the Smart Image tab at the bottom of the window. When the tab appears, select the Setting gear icon on the far right, top of the Smart Image tab. Click on “Check for Updates.”

If a new version is available, choose “Download and Install.” Follow the instructions for removing any earlier version of Smart Image and installing the latest Smart Image.

Following this update, Smart Image will automatically detect if you have DEXIS installed and will install the DEXIS Connector.

Your DEXIS thumbnail images will then appear in the Smart Image tab (along with thumbnails from any other participating Smart Image vendors). You are ready to start using Smart Image!

Q: What versions of DEXIS are supported?

A: All versions of DEXIS 9 and 10 are supported by the DEXIS connector for Dentrix Smart Image. DEXIS 11 customers that want to use Smart Image can contact DEXIS to be migrated to DTX Studio Clinic at no charge by calling 888-ASK-KAVO.

Q: How can I learn to use Smart Image?

A: As with other Dentrix features, you will find directions for using Smart Image by going to the Help menu. You can also view a helpful “How To” video on the Dentrix Resource Center. Choose Dentrix New Feature Videos and the right side of the screen. From the menu that appears, scroll down to Dentrix G7 and choose Smart Image from the many available videos. Or you can go directly to the video by clicking here.

Q: Do I need to install the DEXIS connector for Dentrix Smart Image on all workstations?

A: You should install the DEXIS connector on any station where you would like to use DEXIS or access the Patient Chart.

Q: Who do I call if I need to renew my Dentrix support plan?

A: Call 1-800-DENTRIX, Option 1, to speak with a representative who can help you pick the right Dentrix support plan for you.

Q: Where can I find more information on the award-winning digital sensor, DEXIS™ Titanium?

A: Click here for more info or call 888-ASK-KAVO.