The Path to the Proper Marketing Plan

As an existing practice your greatest asset as well as your greatest strength is your existing patient base. Starting here, let’s follow the four steps to building successful marketing habits.

Step 1: If you start by marketing to your existing patient base you will see the most immediate results with a minimum investment. The Dentrix Continuing Care Module makes it easy to identify those patients that are due for continuing care. Dentrix also has tools for identifying patients that have remaining insurance eligibility that will need to be used prior to the end of the year. If it is a new year, remind your patients that their insurance benefits have most likely renewed. During the year send out reminders prior to summer vacation, when families have more time to visit the dentist, and before school starts. Look for any opportunity to bring your patients back in to your office.

Step 2: When your patients are in your office, take the opportunity to actively ask them for referrals. Try and get names before they leave the office. Reward those that send referrals and make sure your staff is properly trained in the best way to approach your patients. Make sure asking for referrals is a lifelong habit. Think of it as you would physical exercise, as long as you do it, you will see positive results. When you stop, you will slowly lose strength.

Step 3: As you see results in step 1 and 2, re-invest the profits back into more traditional marketing efforts. Make sure your web site is an accurate representation of your brand and a value-add to your current patients. Reach out to new patients through the internet, and other methods such as targeted direct mail or local advertising. Be sure to track all of these efforts to understand the return on your investments. If you are not seeing a solid, positive return. then either revise the effort, or discontinue it in favor of something that is working better. The better you track results the more effective your efforts can be.

Step 4: Understand the ideal amount you should be spending on marketing each month to reach your growth goals. (For help with this: Click Here!) Once your marketing efforts have helped you reach the ideal amount you should be spending each month, continue to re-invest up to your ideal amount. Now all of the profits you see above and beyond your continued investment, are yours to keep. A lifelong habit of this kind of thinking will lead to lifelong success.

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Author: Dental Branding
Published: 12/15/2009
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