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Digital technology has revolutionized the dental practice, and practices everywhere are adopting digital solutions for daily tasks such as radiography and claims. For example, a recent survey of Business of Dentistry attendees found that 96% use digital radiography in their practices and 91% have Dentrix eClaims, which allows them to submit insurance claims electronically.

The practices that use digital radiography and eClaims benefit from speed and immediacy, but some might not realize they’re not getting as much from those techologies as they could be.

Consider this: Out of the same Business of Dentistry attendees surveyed above, only 61% are sending digital attachments. That means many practices have invested in digital X-rays and claim submission to save time and money, but are still making the effort to gather, copy and send physical attachments like photos, X-rays, perio charts, EOBs and more.

eClaims Attachments can help. It helps you get a lot more out of your digital investment by allowing you to send electronic attachments with your digital claims, right from Dentrix. Electronic attachments help you save time and effort and speed up the claims process. Which, in turn, results in faster payments.

With eClaims Attachments, you can also:

  • Avoid guesswork and rejections by knowing exactly which supporting files are required by the insurance carrier for your specific claim.
  • Eliminate expensive duplication costs by adding attachments directly from Dentrix. Simple screen capture features in Dentrix G5 make it even easier.

And because eClaims connects you to the largest list of payors for attachments in the industry, you can send more attachments using eClaims than with any other service.

Figure 1. Though many practices have digital radiography and eClaims, some still send physical attachments.

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Published: 01/31/2015
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