Introducing Dentrix Daily Huddle Report

Introducing the Daily Huddle

Dentrix recently released the Daily Huddle in G4 Productivity Pack 8. This feature gives practices daily progress reports on monthly goals, helps staff make important patient information easily accessible and—most importantly—helps practices improve patient care and overall business operations.

“The morning huddle is the only way a team can feel informed, focused and productive.  If you want to deliver the very best service and care to your patients in the most efficient manner, then you and your team have to plan for the day. There is no better solution to organizing the chaos and confusion,” says Amy Morgan, CEO of the Pride Institute. 

Daily Progress Reports
Whether you are a sports fan or not, the huddle concept can be demonstrated by the quick, meaningful huddles of football players. The team uses these huddles to discuss what happened in the previous play, what went well and what the team could do better. Then the team strategizes on the best plays (or course of action) to do next. The Dentrix Daily Huddle does just that. We give dental practices a quick snapshot of how they did yesterday with production, collections, case acceptance, new patients and scheduling. Then we show how the practice is tracking for today and for the remainder of the month, allowing staff to see what they can do to keep the practice productive and profitable now and in the future.

Earlier this year we surveyed Dentrix practices across the U.S. and found that while 82% of respondents hold regular daily huddles, more than 40% of them have difficulty holding daily huddles every morning because they lack the time or have too much information to gather to make the meeting effective. Cathy Jameson, founder and CEO of Jameson Management Consulting, says, “Good meetings are a must for any business—including a dental business.” Dentrix created the Daily Huddle to help practices see how they did yesterday, how they are tracking for today and what the remainder of the month looks like.

Important Patient Information
Before the Dentrix Daily Huddle was released, team members had to manually research patients coming in the next day. Was the lab case received, did the patient have an outstanding balance, were there any unscheduled treatment plans, was the patient overdue for continuing care or did the patient require pre-meds? Some offices even researched other family members to see if they were overdue for continuing care or had outstanding unscheduled treatment. Sometimes an office could have multiple team members researching the same chart to gather information specifically relating to each person’s job, whether it be a financial coordinator, schedule coordinator, hygienist, assistant or office manager. The amount of time spent on gathering the relevant information to offer excellent patient care was astounding. But now, the Dentrix Daily Huddle does all of this for the practice, allowing team members to stay well-informed and able to provide quality care. Each team member can customize the Daily Huddle to report specific information relevant to their own unique interactions with the patient. The Daily Huddle report helps save time and enables staff to have all important patient information prior to every appointment.

Improve Patient Care
A prepared and informed dental team helps improve workflow and optimize patient care. By using the Daily Huddle and customizing it to the practice’s unique needs, the team is not only saving time; most importantly, they are improving the overall quality of patient care.

The Dentrix Daily Huddle helps dental practices run a streamlined business, give patients the care they need and work more efficiently by making all of this valuable information available with a few mouse clicks. Gary Kadi, founder and CEO of Next Level Practice, says, “Morning huddles are the keystone of a successful new model practice. Old model practices see morning huddles as monotonous and an intrusion on their day (and their sleep). New model team members understand that investing 15 minutes in discussing key business indicators is the difference between an unproductive, uneventful day and a fired-up, ’teeth–bumpin,’ fulfilling day where everyone goes home winning—the patient, the team and the doctor.”

Save time, improve business operations and maximize your day while providing superior patient care. As you set goals for 2011, let the Dentrix Daily Huddle help you meet your daily, monthly and yearly goals. Go huddle—Dentrix Daily Huddle.

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Author: Tammy McHood
Published: 12/21/2010
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