Disaster Preparation for Computer Technology

Be Prepared, Recover Faster
Panicked, the caller pleaded, "My practice is under water! What do I do?" This was a common call to Henry Schein TechCentral Computer Support in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. In advance of the storm, the TechCentral team also offered expert advice to help callers prepare.

For TechCentral Computer Support Plan customers, I.T. experts are simply a call away—ready to answer questions and fix problems both large and small. Support calls from Hurricane Sandy are extreme examples of how TechCentral customers benefit from their support plan. Every practice needs a trusted expert on their side to keep their computer systems and practice running smooth.

Well before Sandy hit the Atlantic coast, TechCentral support experts were already fielding calls from practices asking how to prepare their office technology for the onslaught. The TechCentral team walked callers through data back-up and storage procedures as well as how to protect equipment from water damage. In some cases, that meant storing more than one copy of practice data and in multiple locations… just in case. The team advised customers to unplug all computers and place equipment on "higher ground" in the office in order to survive projected flooding.

Following the ravages of the storm, the TechCentral support team began receiving calls from practices throughout Sandy’s wake. The team walked office managers and dentists through simple network procedures to quickly restore network operations without requiring an onsite visit.

In one case, a doctor with multiple offices frantically called TechCentral support when she discovered one location was underwater. Fortunately, the doctor followed TechCentral backup procedures, allowing support to replicate and restore the flooded office’s network and data in her practices’ second office. The doctor quickly rescheduled patients to her other office and continued generating revenue because of proper preparation and TechCentral support.

Thankfully, natural disasters are rare events. However, flooding from broken pipes, burglary and hard drive crashes can be just as devastating to a practice’s data and computer systems. Protect your practice with a data backup, recovery, and an I.T. support plan.

For more information regarding how a TechCentral Support Plan will help your practice prepare for disasters, both big and small, call Henry Schein TechCentral (877-483-0382) or visit www.HenryScheinTechCentral.com.

Author: Jason Werner
Published: 11/30/2012
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