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What's New

At Henry Schein, we constantly strive to improve your dental practice management. Here are a few new features in this update. Learn more in the Resource Center.

Dentrix G6.6

Fill Appointment

Send a text message to everyone or a sub group of patients on the ASAP List, Pinboard List, CC due list, and Will Call or Broken lists without leaving Dentrix. You can make a list of patients from any of those lists, create a custom text message, and then send the text message to that list of patients at the same time. Watch here >>

Introducing Dentrix Pay

Charge patients right from the Ledger "Enter Payment" window using EMV (Chip) credit cards, debit cards, or NFC (Mobile payment applications) for seamless credit card payments in Dentrix. You can also save a patient's card securely on file so you can charge it for each visit. Watch here >>

Coming Soon

At Henry Schein, we constantly strive to improve your dental practice management. With Dentrix G7.0, we want to continue to innovate. Here are a few new features on the way.

Dentrix G7.0

Password Security

Improve passwords by enhancing the complexity requirements, with automatic resets every 90, 180, or 365 days—or immediate system-wide password resets anytime as needed. Allow users to reset forgotten passwords by correctly answering security questions.

New Health History Module

A Health History button replaces the Medical Alerts button. Divide Medical Alerts into Allergies and Medical Conditions. Add as many Allergies and Medical Conditions as needed (not limited to 64). Choose which Allergies and Conditions to include on the questionnaire form. Continue to track inactive Allergies or Conditions as needed in Medical Alert history.

Dentrix Pay Payment Agreements

Link a saved credit card to a payment agreement. Charge saved credit cards directly from Payment Agreement Manager.

Enhanced Imaging Integration

Depending on your practice's imaging software, you can now initiate planned imaging by selecting one or more teeth in the Dentrix Graphic Chart. You can then select the CDT code for the planned images, and the correct sensor will be selected and primed to take a series of images or an individual one. You can view icons of each tooth that show the types of completed images, and you can select from onscreen thumbnails to see all available images for the patient and the date of each image.

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