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What's New

At Henry Schein, we constantly strive to improve your dental practice management. Here are a few new features in this update. Learn more in the Resource Center.

Dentrix G7.2

Health History Phase 3

Automatically inactivate Health History for dates set in the future. Rank Health History items as Critical to make them more prominent in the health history. Track patient health status through changes in the Health History icon (red, yellow or white based on of the types of alerts and the criticality). See patient health pop-up alerts in the Patient Chart even if a Health History pop-up alert is closed in the front office. Include Inactive Health History Alerts with letter merge using the Health History filters.

Integrate Dentrix Pay with Worldpay (U.S. only)

Migrate back-end processing for existing Dentrix Pay users to the Worldpay platform. Dentrix Pay users charge patients right from the Ledger "Enter Payment" window using EMV (Chip) credit cards, debit cards, or NFC (Mobile payment applications) for seamless credit card payments in Dentrix. You can also save a patient's card securely on file so you can charge it for each visit.

Centralize eTrans Client Credentials (U.S. only)

From one workstation, set up eClaims credentials that can be shared across all workstations. Automatically set up additional workstations to send eClaims without re-entering the username and password. Send eClaims from any Dentrix workstation.

Updated Fee Guide Utility (Canada only)

See the names of the Dentrix Fee Schedules along with meaningful names of the fee schedules contained in the Fee Schedule Update. Preview the changes to the fee schedules before updating them.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Coming Soon

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Dentrix G7.3

Automatic Dentrix workstations updates

For future Dentrix updates, save time installing the updates to workstations. Updates that you install on the server will be automatically installed on each Dentrix workstation.

Split Credit Adjustments

Split credit adjustments in the same easy way that payments can be split. Also split discounts that use credit adjustments by patient and provider in Enter Tax / Discount.

eClaim Attachments

Help ensure proper eClaim attachments using the new Dentrix Smart Image automated workflow, available for some imaging vendors. Let Dentrix save you time and potential mistakes by examining the procedures for an insurance claim, identifying attachment requirements for the intended payor, finding the needed attachments, and attaching them to the claim. If needed, create or modify the workflow with your own attachment requirements. Add a required Dentrix Clinical Note as an attachment directly to a claim. Preview any attachment in Dentrix. Integration available with Dentrix Smart Image vendors.

Require a Referral Source for New Patients

Select the new “Require Referred By for new patients” option in Preferences to be sure you capture the referral source when adding a new patient appointment or a new patient in the Family File. Enjoy easier entry of a referral source in the Family File by selecting the source from the Patient Information window.

Provider Credit Balances Manager

View accounts that have a provider with a credit balance and easily transfer any balances to other family members and/or providers. Use the new Provider Credit Balances Manager in the Ledger to view a list of these accounts, and show which providers have a credit balance for each account. Then save steps with a button to the new Allocate Credit Balances window to create offsetting adjustments to transfer the balances.

Improved Archive Patient

Get information about patient provider balances when archiving a patient in the Family File. Offsetting adjustments that can be posted are displayed to allow you to have the adjustments automatically posted before archiving the patient.

Note: If users do not have rights to “Password Administration,” the rights to the “Patients, Archive” password security option will be removed during installation. This helps limit the rights to archive a patient to staff members who also can create offsetting adjustments.

Improved Allocate Credit Balances

Transfer patient/provider balances within a family without affecting the aging of the account. View and adjust individual family member and family account balances by provider, without the need to change views in the Ledger. Transfer balances from archived patients and inactive providers with the click of a button. Save patients potential confusion because allocation adjustments (offsetting adjustments) not itemized on billing statements, are not itemized on walkout statements either. Control permissions to allocate credit balances using the new password security option, “Ledger Allocate Credit Balances.”

Be confident knowing the integrity of an individual account is assured when editing and deleting offsetting adjustments. When deleting an offsetting adjustment, the account Ledger notifies you that all offsetting adjustments for the same day will be deleted before continuing. When editing an offsetting adjustment, the Allocate Credit Balances window displays with all of the offsetting adjustments for the same day to ensure that edits results in a 0.00 balance.

Smart Image Automatic Updates

Always have the latest Smart Image updates (independent of Dentrix updates). Receive notifications each time a new version is available. Accept the prompts when you are ready to automatically download and install the update on that workstation.

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