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What's New

At Henry Schein, we constantly strive to improve your dental practice management. Here are a few new features in this update. Learn more in the Resource Center.

Dentrix G7.1

Dentrix Smart Image

Depending on your practice's imaging software, you can now initiate planned imaging by selecting one or more teeth in the Dentrix Graphic Chart. You can then select the CDT code for the planned images, and the correct sensor will be selected and primed to take a series of images or an individual one. You can view icons of each tooth that show the types of completed images, and you can select from onscreen thumbnails to see all available images for the patient and the date of each image.

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Health History Updates

Add an Emergency Contact, a Physician Contact, and a Preferred Pharmacy to each patient’s Health History. View patient medications prescribed by your office through ePrescribe or Dentrix. Plus, see medications prescribed by other doctors (as reported by the patient). Stay aware with Health History pop-ups that replace Patient Alerts for health-related notifications. Quickly locate health info you need by searching and viewing past patient questionnaire forms within the Health History module. Print a patient’s health history with the new Health History Report.

CareCredit Patient Financing

Provide patients the option to use CareCredit for financing their treatments. Automatically transfer essential patient information to the CareCredit application. Type content into remaining fields and submit to receive a credit decision within seconds. Process CareCredit transactions from within Dentrix and have payments automatically posted back to the Ledger. Look up cardholder account numbers and access the CareCredit payment calculator without leaving Dentrix.

Product Upgrade History

Quickly identify what Dentrix updates you have installed by viewing the information using a new feature in the Upgrade Manager.

Time Clock Enhancement

Calculate overtime by both hours in a day and hours in a week for the same employee.

Questionnaire Updates

Build your Health History questions using the “Yes/No” question type or with traditional checkboxes. Use the new “Medications” question to capture all medications the patient is currently taking. Enjoy your time savings because the Health History and Medication questions are easily imported into the patient’s Health History.

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Henry Schein One combines leading practice management, marketing and patient engagement solutions into one connected management system to help you improve every aspect of your business. When your technology works as one, your team can work smarter and faster while improving each step of the patient experience.

Dentrix G7.2

Health History Phase 3

Automatically inactivate Health History for dates set in the future. Rank Health History items as Critical to make them more prominent in the health history. Track patient health status through changes in the Health History icon (red, yellow or white based on of the types of alerts and the criticality). See patient health pop-up alerts in the Patient Chart even if a Health History pop-up alert is closed in the front office. Include Inactive Health History Alerts with letter merge using the Health History filters.

Integrate Dentrix Pay with Worldpay (U.S. only)

Migrate back-end processing for existing Dentrix Pay users to the Worldpay platform. Dentrix Pay users charge patients right from the Ledger "Enter Payment" window using EMV (Chip) credit cards, debit cards, or NFC (Mobile payment applications) for seamless credit card payments in Dentrix. You can also save a patient's card securely on file so you can charge it for each visit.

Centralize eTrans Client Credentials (U.S. only)

From one workstation, set up eClaims credentials that can be shared across all workstations. Automatically set up additional workstations to send eClaims without re-entering the username and password. Send eClaims from any Dentrix workstation.

Updated Fee Guide Utility (Canada only)

See the names of the Dentrix Fee Schedules along with meaningful names of the fee schedules contained in the Fee Schedule Update. Preview the changes to the fee schedules before updating them.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

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