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What's New

At Henry Schein, we constantly strive to improve your dental practice management. Here are a few new features in this update. Learn more in the Resource Center.

Dentrix G7.5

Month End Updates

  • New task buttons are added for easy access to run, suspend, resume, etc.
  • Month End will always run at the selected time.
  • Month End dialog is added to the Task Scheduler so Month End can run in one click.
  • Warning and success icons are added to the Task Scheduler to locate reports quickly that need to be rerun.
  • A warning message displays if there are any reports that could not run because of a problem. The user is reminded once per day.
  • A new feature is available to check for any open Dentrix modules.

Protect Totals Records with Database Transaction

  • Updates to the Totals records are less likely to be interrupted when running month end and other processes, and the need to run the recalculation utility is reduced or eliminated.

Flag a Claim to/for Partial Payment

  • Ability to flag a partially paid insurance claim, so it remains outstanding, allowing you to continue tracking as a pending claim.
  • Option to view partially paid claims on the Insurance Aging report denoted with an asterisk.
  • Option to exclude billing statements for patients that have partially paid claims.

Appointment Book: Open a Day That Is Usually Closed

  • Use the Open Office in the Schedule Calendar for Practice to open a day that is usually closed.

ERA (eEOB) Improvements

  • Effortlessly post eEOB’s with check numbers, payment types and branch numbers automatically populated in the Batch Insurance Payment Window.
  • Individual eEOB’s are attached to the patient’s document center, and the complete eEOB is still saved in the Insurance Company section.
  • An icon indicates if the patient has secondary insurance from Batch Insurance Payment Entry.
  • Insurance payment descriptions are more specific in the Ledger.
  • The eEOB Full and Split amounts are displayed for multi-site offices (feature available by request).

Attachment Improvements

  • Automatically attach primary EOB to secondary claims.
    • When creating a secondary claim, the most recent “Electronic EOB” file in the Document Center is automatically attached.
      • Available when using the Auto Claim Attachment feature.
  • Ability to import user specified attachment requirements via .csv or .txt files (feature is available by request).

Updated Periodontal Case Types

  • New American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Classifications are now available in the periodontal chart.
  • Create templates and record notes using the updated AAP classifications.

Add ADA Codes to Ledger Printouts

  • Now include American Dental Association (ADA) codes and Provider IDs on Family and Patient Ledger reports.
    • Available when the print option “Use ADA Codes in Descriptions” is enabled.

Allowed Amounts

  • Add and track insurance allowed amounts in the Dental Insurance Benefits and Coverage dialog.
  • Allowed amounts will display in and can be updated from the Batch Insurance Payment Entry window.
  • Insurance Payment Setup now provides a new option for automatic adjustments to use allowed amounts.
  • Easily update allowed amounts when itemizing claim payments.

Improved Update Manager

  • New notifications appear in the lower right-hand corner of your screen when an update is available to install.
  • New Log Center provides quick access to all logs.
  • Network Viewer will display all PCs currently connected to the Dentrix Database.

eServices 'E' Eligibility Check Icons Use the Default Browser

  • The eServices ‘E’ icons now launch in the user’s default browser.

Support for Ingenico Lane 3000 Payment Device

  • The Lane 3000 payment device supports EMV chip and PIN, EMV chip and magstripe transactions, as well as an extensive range of contactless NFC, mobile wallet and alternative payment methods.

User Rights

  • Enhanced Health History security rights. Now restrict or allow usage for add, edit and/or delete of allergies, medications and/or conditions.
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