Dentrix Smart Start Bundle

Helping you achieve successful outcomes for your practice when you purchase Dentrix.

Henry Schein Dentrix offers the Dentrix Smart Start Bundle, which combines the Dentrix Practice Management System, integrated eServices*, expert training and coaching, and key industry insights to help you achieve successful outcomes for your practice.

As part of the Smart Start Bundle, Dentrix will provide an expert trainer and coach who will guide you from purchase through successful implementation by providing: in-office consultation and training; guided online learning modules and assessments; and expert coaching to build your Dentrix competency. With this bundle, you can leverage your partnership with Dentrix to increase your office efficiencies and productivity, and guide your practice on the path toward greater profits.

Dentrix has a dedicated team of experienced trainers and coaches who can help you achieve a successful start to your Dentrix journey. Our experts will train your team and help you understand and manage on a regular basis the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are designed to help you move toward ever-increasing success in your practice.

To sign up

Dentrix Smart Start is available in multiple versions. Call 1-800-336-8749 to speak with a Dentrix consultant today to discuss which version is best for you.

The Dentrix Smart Start Bundle includes:

  • The industry-leading Dentrix Practice Management System
  • Smart Start consulting to assist with in-office trial conversion, workflow analysis and other planning—plus on-site training the day you go live
  • In-office training covering all key areas, including scheduling, A/R, clinical, etc.
  • Mastery Tracks Essentials Testing helps each team member to learn, measure, and improve their Dentrix skills
  • Introductory Dentrix Profitability Coaching Sessions to guide you to greater profitability
  • Download the Smart Start Bundle Flyer
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