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Dentrix Voice is a voice assistant that helps increase productivity and profitability across your entire practice while lowering virus transmission risk. Using affordable recording devices and advanced artificial intelligence technology from Bola AI, Dentrix Voice seamlessly captures dictated perio results as well as clinical notes and other essential office correspondence. This ready-to-use, highly accurate voice recognition system opens new opportunities for increased profitability by eliminating manual data entry time and errors while maximizing safety and patient care.

Dentrix Voice Overview

"Dr. Hagstrom and his team understood and embraced the value of voice recognition earlier than most. “Before we started using voice recognition technology in our perio exams, we had to call a second person into the exam room during perio exams to enter measurements into the computer,” explained Mary Williams, A Shop for Smile’s head hygienist. “But in a small practice like ours, everyone is busy all the time, so it’s really difficult to pull someone away from what they’re doing to enter measurements into the computer. Plus, that kind of manual busy work draws time away from our patients.”

– Mary Williams, Hygienist, A Shop for Smiles

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Recommended system requirements: Minimum bandwidth: 5 Mbps, 10+ Mbps preferred; Computer system requirements: Minimum 4GB RAM; Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 10 recommended; Dentrix G7.1 or higher.

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