Daily Huddle

Using Dentrix to Plan for a Productive Day


The Dentrix Daily Huddle™ Report gives your team a daily snapshot of how they did yesterday in production, collections, case acceptance, new patients and scheduling. During the daily huddle, you can use this report to discuss yesterday’s wins and today’s goals, focusing your team on what to do today to ensure they meet their daily goals. The Daily Huddle Report also shows the schedule for today and for the remainder of the month, so your team can track both their daily and monthly goals.

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Daily Huddle Tracking Progress

In team sports like football, members of the team gather before and during competitions for a huddle. It’s during these huddles that a team makes a plan of action or changes a previous plan based on how things are going during the game. A dental team should be no different.
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The Secret to a Dynamic Morning Huddle

Everyone should be involved in the morning huddle. It is the impetus of a successful journey in the dental practice.
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Supercharge Your Daily Huddle article

In football, teams begin each play with a quick huddle to communicate the team plan, team players’ responsibilities, and any adjustments they need to make to be more successful. The Dentrix Daily Huddle Report helps your office team do that the same thing.
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Dentrix Daily Huddle article

When working one-on-one with dental practices, we always ask the same question: Do you have a morning huddle before the start of every day? We then follow this question with another, more telling one: Do you do it right?

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Practice Development flyer

Dentrix Practice Development encompasses all of the aspects of training and coaching solutions and services for current Dentrix customers. To read more, click here.
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