Generating the Practice Advisor Report

To run a successful dental business, you need to know on a consistent basis how your practice is doing financially. The information you need is collected together in the Practice Advisor report. In the Practice Advisor, you can view key performance indicators for production, collections, continuing care, schedule management, and new patient analysis.

The Practice Advisor Report shows you your totals for the previous month, the current month to date, and the year to date. The Variance columns show you any differences between the benchmarks and your actual totals. The alert icons in the Variance columns correspond to suggestions found on the footnotes pages of the report.

The production section shows you Practice totals, Dentist totals, Hygienist totals, and Case Acceptance totals by date range. These totals are based on your production amounts and the benchmarks set up in the Practice Advisor.

The Collections section shows you your total collections and the variance between your actual collections and the benchmark, as well as your office’s aged accounts receivable.

New Patient Analysis
The New Patient Analysis section shows you new patient totals, such as the number of new patients by first visit date, procedure treatment planned date, treatment accepted date, and referrals. The report also compares the totals to the benchmarks.

Continuing Care
The Continuing Care section of the report gives you information about your continuing care totals and compares those totals to your benchmarks.

Schedule Management
The Schedule Management section shows you the average production for your providers, the number of unfilled provider hours, the value of those unfilled hours, and statistics about broken appointments. While there are no benchmark comparisons in this section, you can see at a glance how well you are keeping your schedule full and see the monetary value of unfilled time and broken appointments.

Running the Report
The Practice Advisor report compares your practice statistics to industry-standard benchmarks based on a typical practice of one doctor and offers recommendations to help you improve your practice’s profitability.

To run the Practice Advisor report:

  1. Open the Office Manager.
  2. Select Analysis, then Practice Advisor (or click the Practice Advisor button).
  3. In the Practice Advisor dialog, click the Practice Advisor Report button.
  4. In the Practice Advisor Report dialog box, set the options for the data you want to populate the report.
  5. To View the report, click the Preview button.

For more information about the Practice Advisor, log in to the Resource Center at and view the Generating Key Reports tutorial or download a copy of the Reports Reference.

Author: Erin Brisk
Published: 06/01/2010
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