Dentrix Pay™ = Faster and Easier Dental Payment Processing Software

Proven patient and insurance payment processing right within your Dentrix workflow.

Dentrix Pay Software Overview*

Dentrix Pay™ helps your staff easily processes patient payments of all types faster and in real time including debit, credit, chip/EMV, and Apple/Google Pay right within your familiar Dentrix workflow. You can also easily manage electronic virtual credit card (VCC) payments from insurance carriers. Payments are automatically posted to the Dentrix ledger to eliminate errors and to save your staff time.

Dentrix Pay improves your cash flow with convenient payment options and helps reduce errors and protect against lost payments and processing errors. Its native integration with Dentrix saves valuable time for your front office staff, allowing them to process payments faster.

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Dentrix Pay Overview

Bundle Dentrix Pay and Save

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Improve Efficiency and Cost by Bundling Dentrix Pay

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