Data Conversion

Making it easy

Dentrix has pooled its resources with team members that have worked in Customer Relations, Training and Technical Support within Dentrix. Other team members have come form various companies that deal in areas beneficial to Dentrix Conversions.

All systems are different

The amount of data we are able to transfer depends on which system you are converting from, how similar the data structure is to Dentrix, and any existing corruption of your current database. We will do everything we can to get as much data as possible. The Dentrix Conversion Team is regularly evaluating and testing competitor software, new technologies, utilities, and so forth to ensure the best conversion possible.

Two types

There are two basic types of data conversions: manual and electronic. Each have benefits and are appropriate in different situations.

Manual Conversions: A manual conversion involves simply re-entering data into your new Dentrix software system, allowing you to clean up your database as you go. Manual conversions are appropriate when the number of patients to be converted are relatively few or your current computer system does not provide an easy way to export your patient data. Most small practices (500 or fewer patients) will generally find a manual conversion to be the best solution

Electronic Conversions: Electronic conversions are done automatically using state-of-the art technologies and utilities to convert that data from your existing database to a Dentrix database. Large practices (2,000 or more patients) and some mid-size practices (500-2,000 patients) will find that electronic conversion is their best solution. There may still be data that was not converted with the electronic conversion that will need to be entered by you and your staff. This amount will depend on your current system.

No waiting

Conversions can be scheduled according to your needs. There is no waiting list or scheduling delays to work around. Call 800.336.8749 Option 3, Option 1 (Conversion Department) or contact your local Dentrix reseller to get your copy of the informative data conversion packet as well as specific information relating to a conversion from your current software.

Certified Conversions

Each conversion must pass a rigorous 20-point checklist to become a Certified Dentrix Conversion. On-going reviews of each conversion are done to ensure that as much data is restored as possible. Only conversions performed by Dentrix professionals are certified to work with Dentrix and carry a 30-day guarantee.

*This information is applicable to the United States only. For Canadian conversions information please call 800.561.2983

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