License Transfer

License Transfer

Dentrix® software product license(s) can be transferred to a new owner (which includes all software versions and updates to that software product) on a permanent basis only after the following conditions are met:

  • The entire practice, including the practice management software, has been purchased by the new owner. (The practice management software cannot be sold or transferred alone.)
  • You have received written permission from Henry Schein One to transfer the license(s). (You will be required to sign and submit a License Transfer Agreement.)
  • As Henry Schein One doesn’t own or control data, it is the seller and buyer’s responsibility to destroy all copies of data and database-related files that are not included in the sale. These should be erased with a NIST-approved wipe delete program per HIPAA standards unless the data transferred is assigned to the receiving party.
  • You pay all associated license transfer fees.
  • In the event that Henry Schein One requires a Bill of Sale, it must include an itemized entry for the Dentrix Software being transferred.

Except as provided above, an original owner may not sublicense, assign, or transfer the license(s) for the Product or previous versions of the Product. Any attempt to do so shall terminate the original license.

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  • We recently changed our process for Dentrix license transfers. If you started a license transfer process using the old forms, you will need to move your information to the new forms. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to helping you complete your license transfer.
  • After you submit your online license transfer forms, we will contact you about next steps.
  • DEXIS owned products such as Dentrix Image or ImageRAYi sensors are not products of Henry Schein One. Please contact Kavo Kerr / DEXIS for licensing information at 888.883.3947, ext. 140.
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