New Features in DENTRIX G4

The new features in DENTRIX G4 were inspired by you, the offices that use DENTRIX every day. With more than 170 user-requested features, DENTRIX G4 is the best software to help you save time, save money, and accomplish more.

With DENTRIX G4, now you can:

  • Check for service packs and updates online and automatically install them on every computer in the office without using a disc.
  • Apply patient alerts to one or more of the patient’s family members.
  • Set a default payment allocation for splitting payments.
  • Enter a default signature on file for new subscribers.
  • Send eClaims electronically through the Fast Checkout.
  • Split payments as you enter them in the Enter Payments dialog.
  • Edit insurance benefits in the Family File without having to open an insurance claim.
  • Combine family payments on the Deposit Slip.
  • Run the Unscheduled Treatment Plans report by treatment amount and exclude continuing care procedures from the report.
  • Search for specific payments by check number, amount, date, insurance carrier, or guarantor.
  • Create custom procedure button sets for each provider in your office.

DENTRIX G4 is a proven solution that helps make practices more successful. Upgrade to DENTRIX G4 today to start taking advantage of these and many more features inspired by experienced, knowledgeable users like you!

More Information About DENTRIX G4

You can find a detailed list of new features, tips for transitioning from DENTRIX G3 to G4, installation instructions, system requirements, and full product documentation for DENTRIX G4 at

You can find resources like release previews, webinars, knowledgebase* articles, and training options to help you learn to take advantage of the improvements in DENTRIX G4 at

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Author: Erin Brisk
Published: 05/25/2009
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