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Important announcement on Dentrix G5 integration with other dental software.

Do you use third-party software that integrates with the Dentrix database? Read this important message and take the short survey.

Henry Schein Practice Solutions is finalizing the development of Dentrix G5, the next major release of Dentrix. Dentrix G5’s new data structure will deliver greater protection for private health care information and other sensitive data. It represents another advance in data security to protect the trust and loyalty you’ve built with your patients. However, we need to make sure your practice is prepared for the upgrade when it is available.

If you currently use third-party software that links to your Dentrix database, it is important we verify the software maker will deliver a new version compatible with Dentrix G5. This will ensure your third-party software functions properly and your practice operates without disruption when you upgrade to Dentrix G5.

Going forward, third-party software makers wishing to access information stored in Dentrix will be required to register their software with Henry Schein Practice Solutions and verify their compatibility with Dentrix G5. This is necessary because of Dentrix G5’s improved database architecture, which locks down the database, protecting data from unauthorized users or applications. If your third-party software is not registered with us, it will be considered unauthorized and will no longer work seamlessly with Dentrix once you upgrade to G5.

We are actively assisting companies with software that integrate with Dentrix so they can deliver compatible versions of their products at the same time Dentrix G5 ships. While we have identified many of the companies that make integrated software, we may not be aware of every integrated software package our customers use. For this reason, we ask you to please take just a few minutes to tell us the software your office uses today that integrates with the Dentrix database. At the end of the survey, you will see a report that shows whether your 3rd party software is authorized for Dentrix G5. Your response will help us verify with the software maker that your practice will be able to benefit from the improvements in Dentrix G5.

Author: Mary Blair
Published: 08/26/2011
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