Find Patients with Unscheduled Treatment

The end of the year is fast approaching. As you begin to think about closing the year, you’re probably thinking about those patients who have treatment-planned procedures that still need to be completed. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get them in for treatment before the end of the year?

Think about how many of those patients still have insurance benefits that they could apply towards their unfinished treatment. By contacting those patients who have both unfinished treatment and unused benefits, you’re more likely to get them into your office for appointments. You’ll be able to provide the care they need while helping them stay within their budgets. All it takes is creating a list.

To create a list of patients:

  1. From the Appointment Book, select Treatment Manager from the Options menu.
  2. From the Treatment Manager View dialog box, set the view to include the following options:
    1. Select Patient should be set to so all patients are included on the list instead of a specific range of patients.
    2. Check All under Select Patient Prov1 so all providers are included on the list.
    3. Check All under Patient Status so archived or inactive patients are excluded from the list.
    4. Select Primary, Secondary, and Primary w/o Secondary under Insurance Coverage so the list excludes patients who do not have insurance.
    5. For both Patients with Primary and Secondary Dental Insurance group boxes, select carriers to include all insurance carriers on the list.
    6. If desired, enter a dollar amount for Min Benefit Rem (for example 100.00) to narrow the search by a minimum amount of insurance benefits remaining. If you leave this field set to 0, the list will include all patients with remaining insurance benefits regardless of the amount.

  3. Click OK to create the list.

Once you have created the list, use it as a guide to fill holes in your schedule with patients who have unscheduled treatment plans or need to take advantage of their unused insurance benefits.

To learn more about using Treatment Manager, see the webinar recording titled Treatment Manager and Collection Manager found in the Dentrix Resource Center.

Author: Sean Eyring
Published: 11/22/2011
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