Does Your Technology Speak the Same Language?

How effectively could you operate your practice if all the staff in your office spoke a different language? Chaos happens when people don’t communicate, and it works the same for your office technology including hardware and software. Lots of things in your office speak different languages, or don’t speak to each other at all. This can significantly affect the production levels and efficiencies of your practice, and therefore, the bottom line.

Let’s take a closer look at these not-so-hidden time wasters. Your imaging system is typically the first application that comes to mind when we think of technology that must integrate with your Dentrix system in order to better serve your patients. How well does the system integrate ? Do you have to double-enter your data? Must you save and upload images to get them into your practice management system ? How about your document management solution? Or your patient communication platform? How much extra effort is required on your or your staff’s part because of lack of integrated solutions?

As a Dentrix user, we want to ensure that your office is as connected as your people . In order to make Dentrix an even more productive asset of your practice, we maintain a vibrant community of software and hardware partners that have built tested and trusted integrations with Dentrix to ensure work flows smoothly from the front office, to chair-side, to the back office and billing. The Dentrix Connected icon each certified vendor is given represents a trusted extension of the Dentrix software and brand.

If you consider Dentrix an important part of your practice, consider how far you can extend those efficiencies with Dentrix Connected solutions. Imagine your imaging system talking to your document center, which then talks to your secure email system, and on to your billing and insurance modules within Dentrix. Dentrix isn’t the whole solution to connecting your office, but rather the hub of a broader ecosystem through which many of your third-party solutions can “converse.”

We also realize that it’s not just important to have a community of partners that connect your office together, but that we provide a single place for Dentrix users to explore partner solutions. Henry Schein Practice Solutions recently launched the Dentrix Marketplace to simplify the tedious process of practitioners searching for and finding of partner solutions that solve problems they constantly face in providing patient care in your practice.

The Dentrix Marketplace isn’t just a place for you to get solutions you know about,known solutions, but to explore other partner solutions that could benefit your office in new ways, all without worrying about whether it will break your practice management system. The benefits of these programs can be exponential when applied in your office and you won’t find them anywhere else in dental software industry.

We encourage you to look and see what these solutions, combined with your Dentrix software, can do for your practice. You can see a list of tested and certified partner solutions here. While you’re at it, why not swing over to the Dentrix Marketplace to see if your preferred vendor is listed? We’re always growing our partner community and welcome your feedback.

Author: Chris Wadsworth, Dentrix Connected Program Manager
Published: 08/31/2015
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