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Dentrix Tip Tuesdays

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get short, simple tips to help you use Dentrix better? Now you can! Starting January 10th, Dentrix will begin posting a weekly tip as part of “Tip Tuesday.”

Each Tuesday we’ll post a new tip about how to use Dentrix more effectively or shortcuts to speed up repetitive tasks. The tips will link to additional information from Dentrix Magazine, Dentrix eNewsletter articles, and the Dentrix Resource Center with instructions and training, so you’ll have all the information you need to implement the tip that day.

You can receive the Tuesday tip in one of three ways: subscribe to the Dentrix Tip Tuesday blog, click “Like” on the Dentrix Facebook page to have the tip delivered to your news feed, or follow Dentrix on Twitter.

The Dentrix eNewsletter will continue to have the Tips and Tricks articles you’re used to. These explain in greater detail how to use specific Dentrix features, improve the processes of your office staff, and better understand how Dentrix can benefit your entire office. The Tip Tuesday blog is simply an additional way to get tips about using Dentrix.

By subscribing to the Dentrix Tip Tuesday blog, you’ll be notified each time a new tip is posted. You can post comments to the blog and, if you’re reading the tip on Facebook, you can add comments to the tip when it appears on the Dentrix Facebook wall.

Subscribe to the Tip Tuesday blog today! If you’re on Facebook, “Like” the Dentrix Facebook page so you’ll see the tips in your news feed each week. If you’re on Twitter, follow @Dentrix to see the Tip Tuesday tweets.

Author: Sean Eyring
Published: 01/24/2012
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