DEXIS and Dentrix: Redefine Integration

DEXIS™ is an industry leader in developing technology for the dental community. It provides a comprehensive visual narrative of a tooth’s health by offering three distinct ways of viewing it – via X-ray, intraoral camera and caries detection device. These tools, along with the DEXIS software, combine to deliver a high-quality digital imaging solution built with a focus on image quality, ease of use, efficiency and case presentation.

Besides offering the excellence of the DEXIS brand, DEXIS integration with Dentrix results in even more efficiency and quality. To achieve many clinical and administrative goals, digital images need to be accessible and considered with all of the patient’s information. The DEXIS Integrator™ for Dentrix software provides seamless access to digital imaging within the Dentrix practice management solution.

Why are DEXIS and Dentrix so powerful together?

  • DEXIS automatically synchronizes with the patient record, which means all of the patient information is kept together within the Dentrix software.
  • Function buttons in the Dentrix Chart allow one-click acquisition of images.
  • Images can be attached to electronic claims, lab cases, referrals and presentations with simple mouse clicks.

Clinicians often need all of the patient’s information at their fingertips to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan. With DEXIS and Dentrix, dentists can preview thumbnails of all available radiographic, CariVu and photographic images displayed in a window inside the Dentrix Chart. This enables the user to have direct and immediate one-click access to the images from within the patients’ Dentrix records. Icons can be used to select different types of images, including:

  • Intraoral X-rays
  • Extraoral (panoramic and cephalometric) X-rays
  • Intraoral photographic images
  • Extraoral photographic images
  • CariVu images, which read like familiar X-ray images

Clicking a thumbnail image instantly displays a clinically meaningful full-size image, with no need to leave the charting program. By double-clicking on a thumbnail image, it will be shown at full size in DEXview™, the DEXIS image viewer. With the image displayed, the clinician can use the mouse to change brightness and contrast, and use ClearVu™ to enhance the image. Clicking anywhere else in the Integrator window will open the DEXIS QuickLaunch™ program, allowing the practitioner to access and use the full functionality of the DEXIS imaging software and to acquire new images.

Digital integration between DEXIS and Dentrix can help reduce the stress of misplaced papers and X-rays in folders, or of haphazardly stored computer files. And because a patient’s entire file can be accessed with the click of a mouse, the efficiency speeds up the time it takes to set appointments and to check out.

The integration of imaging software and practice management systems also can simplify the insurance claim filing process because all of the information is readily accessible. With a click to attach the DEXIS images, the claim can be entered and electronically sent to the insurance company right after the completion of the appointment. This stops the production of a paper mountain of insurance forms, folders, mailing envelopes, X-rays and patient histories. Integration with DEXIS and Dentrix paves the way for a new, smoother road to organization and efficiency.

Published: 02/29/2016
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