Looking to Expand Patient Care? Dentrix Has a Solution

Dentrix, the practice management software with solutions for both the business and clinical sides of the dental practice, can enhance patient care with a single platform that streamlines multiple dental office operations for a smarter workflow

Why did you become a dentist? Ask anyone that question and the answer will always be the same: to take care of patients and keep them healthy. That’s patient care in a nutshell. However, many dentists struggle with managing their workflows and office operations. Sometimes, in the rush of things, it’s difficult to devote time to enhance patient care. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all that goes into practice management—and wanting more time to devote to expanding your patient care—you can find your answer with Dentrix. Designed by Henry Schein One, Dentrix is a complete system that streamlines all your practice technology and integrates multiple software solutions in one platform. The result is a smarter workflow, improved data sharing and communication, and better patient care. Dr. Joel Doyon of Buxton, ME, believes Dentrix allows him to better communicate with his patients because he can access all their information in one, easily accessible place. This has greatly enhanced patient satisfaction with his practice and allowed him to provide better patient care.

Everything at Your Fingertips

“It’s really so important for patient care to project a calm competence, and to have all the information and files you need right at your fingertips,” Dr. Doyon explained. “This way, patients can see that you’re on top of everything and you’re not hurried or scattered, searching around different places to find the information you need for treatments, and Dentrix is the reason we can work smoothly all day.” With Dentrix, Dr. Doyon can access perio charts, intraoral photos, x-rays, treatment plans, billing, and insurance on every computer in every operatory. Additionally, he includes images from his practice’s cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system, which is fully compatible with Dentrix. “I can take a photo using my intraoral camera, and it’s immediately right there on my computer screen, and I can show my patient what the problem is, and I can do this with x-rays and CBCT images as well,” Dr. Doyon explained. “While chairside, I can be in the patient’s chart, and pull up anything related to that patient, such as insurance history, treatment plans from several years ago, even older radiographs, just by clicking a button or a dropdown screen.”

Enhanced Communication

One picture really can communicate more than a thousand words, and Dr. Doyon believes being able to quickly view images together with his patients enhances doctor and patient communication. “It really enhances our discussions because they can ask, ‘What’s that over there?’ which can lead to additional discussions about what’s happening in other areas of their mouth. We can call up previous images and compare them with the current situation—all without taking the patient some place else to view the images. It’s so much more convenient.”

Relaxed Chairside Discussions

Noting that he can do all of this chairside, in a relaxed manner, while also saving time, Dr. Doyon believes the result is a calmer, more organized workflow and increased patient confidence in his practice. “I think it’s definitely increased my patients' comfort and confidence in me as a dentist, because they can see what the problem is, and I believe they leave here with a better understanding of their treatment,” he added. “It’s not just me telling them what’s wrong, they can actually see what it is that I’m talking about.”

Billing and Insurance Solution

In addition to patient treatment, Dr. Doyon finds Dentrix to be an office asset in the billing and insurance area as well. “Dentrix has made our billing and insurance process run very smoothly,” he said, “and these are the things that used to be a nightmare before we had Dentrix, and nobody wanted to do it. Now, the insurance companies receive our claims faster, and patients see their claims quicker, which also helps with patient satisfaction because there’s less frustration with billing delays."

Comprehensive Customer Support

Dentrix provides expert support and training, including phone and online chat portals, as well as tutorials and hands-on workshops. Dr. Doyon has been pleased with the support he’s found with Dentrix. “We’re not waiting on hold forever, and there's been no issues with the software,” he explained.

Calm and Confident

Another benefit Dr. Doyon sees with Dentrix is that it's helped patients embrace technology. "They feel confident that you are giving them the most up-to-date treatment and that the problem can be solved," he said. "I think what my patients see from all of us as a result of using Dentrix is a calm competence and that’s definitely increased my practice—things run smoothly because it’s all in one place. I think the more technology you have, the better.”

Published: 12/14/2021
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