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With so many companies building websites today, how do you know which company to use? Getting the right website largely depends on choosing the right company. Just like the right site can be a game changer for your practice, so can choosing the right company to build that site. Choose a company that understands your style, goals and objectives. Finding a company that knows marketing and dentistry, and that also understands your software and practice needs is paramount. The more familiar your website developer is with your moving parts, the more effective the site will be and the more quickly it will be developed. Just ask Dr. Joel Doyon of Tory Hill Dental.

Dr. Doyon recently purchased a practice in the quiet, close-knit community of Buxton, Maine. Because the previous dentist was a long-standing resident of the community, Dr. Doyon needed to connect quickly with his patients and maintain goodwill. He also wanted to show his patients the positive enhancements he was making to patient care. One of the big changes was a system that would allow patients to confirm appointments via text and email and pay their bills and view appointments online. To do this effectively, he needed a website—and fast. One that represented his brand and would help achieve his goals.

Dr. Doyon knew he needed a website developer that could establish trust and build confidence with patients, as well as integrate with his eServices portal—and he knew just who to contact. Account representative Tammy Simmons with Henry Schein Practice Solutions had guided him in the past on his software decisions and he trusted her expertise. When Dr. Doyon approached Simmons about a website, she explained the benefits of a new offering made possible by a partnership between Henry Schein Practice Solutions and Jameson Management. Jameson has a proven track record of website development with impressive metrics:

  • 2.5 minutes per visit
  • 4 pages per visit
  • Less than 40% bounce rate
  • Increased calls from new patients

In addition, Jameson works hand in hand with the Dentrix Technical Support team so the eServices portal is integrated seamlessly into the site. And with just one contact person during design and development, getting and giving the right information is simple. Dr. Doyon knows this firsthand. He also benefited from having a full-service marketing company design his site. It helped him create his brand by designing a new logo. With a custom website build, logo design and stationery, Dr. Doyon’s branding was complete and the site was live within 3.5 months. Many companies take that long just to design a logo that the doctor is pleased with.

Jameson websites

Now Dr. Doyon’s site is live and functioning for his patients. He can use ALL the services of his eServices portal while connecting with new and existing patients. When asked what advice he would give to other dentists looking for a web solution, he said, "Choose Jameson and Henry Schein Practice Solutions. They work to guide you in the right direction to improve the practice and help your patients!"

Call Henry Schein Practice Solutions at 800-734-5561 to learn how your practice can have a more functional and effective website.

Author: Misty Absher Clark, Jameson Management
Published: 10/01/2013
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