Customize Continuing Care to Work For You

In Dentrix you can create a completely customizable continuing care system that fits the specific needs of your practice. But if you have too many types, your system can get bogged down and cluttered with types you don’t use or don’t want to track. In order to make your continuing care system work for you, delete continuing care types you aren’t using.

For example, if your practice doesn’t have a panoramic X-ray machine, then the PANO continuing care type is just taking up space. Get rid of it!

As you begin the process of customizing your continuing care system, keep the following in mind: You can only delete a continuing care type that is not in use. If you try to delete a continuing care type that is still assigned to patients, you’ll see an error message. You’ll need to generate a continuing care temporary view that includes all patients assigned to that type, and then clear the type from those patients.

To create a temporary view:

  1. From the Appointment Book, click the Continuing Care button. The Continuing Care module appears.
  2. From the Continuing Care module, click Views > Temporary View. The Temporary Continuing Care View dialog box appears.

    Continuing Card module

  3. Select the continuing care type you want the list to include from the Type drop-down options (the type you want to delete) and select the With CC option.
  4. In the Due Date Span group box, set the increments from to .
  5. Make sure that all other filters are set to .
  6. Click OK to load the temporary view.

This view will contain a list of all patients currently attached to the type you want to delete. Use this list to open up an individual patient’s continuing care, and clear that type from their account.

Once you have cleared the continuing care type you want to delete from all patients, you can delete it.

To delete a continuing care type:

  1. From the Office Manager, click Maintenance > Practice Setup > Continuing Care > Continuing Care Setup. The Continuing Care Setup dialog box appears.

    Continuing Care Setup

  2. Select the continuing care type you want to delete. Click Delete. A warning message box appears.
  3. If you want to delete the continuing care type, click Yes.

By deleting continuing care types you aren’t using in Dentrix, your continuing care reports and lists will contain just the information you care about, and you won’t have patients inadvertently being assigned to types you aren’t tracking.

For more information on making your continuing care system work for you, view the “Managing Your Continuing Care System” webinar recording (#53258) in the Dentrix Resource Center.

Author: Sean Eyring, Curriculum Development Specialist
Published: 09/05/2014
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