Frequently Asked Questions

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The Dentrix Developer Program is for software developers who already have or plan to create software that integrates with Dentrix software. It provides a channel for HSPS to deliver Dentrix development tools to software developers and work with them to deliver shared value to our common customers.

What do I get as a developer?

Participants will receive the following

  • The latest version of the Dentrix software for development and testing purposes
  • API credentials and password to access the Dentrix API
  • Access to the Developer Program Portal
  • Developer Knowledge Base
  • Developer Resource Center
  • Developer Chat Forum
  • Product manuals
  • API documentation
  • Product support for installation and configuration issues
  • Enrollment in the Dentrix beta program
What Dentrix data will the SDK give me access to?

The Dentrix API is something that we plan to actively develop going forward. Currently developers will be able to read the following types of information.

  • Patient Information
  • Provider/Staff Information
  • Treatment Plans
  • Account Balances
  • Completed Procedures (Transactions)
  • Account Payments and Adjustments
  • Payment Agreements
  • Appointments
  • Patient Recall
  • Patient Insurance
  • Patient Prescriptions
  • Provider Production
  • Referrals
What is the cost?

The annual cost to participate in the Developer Program is based upon the type of development tools and API required. The cost of enrollment is also determined by what level of certification you are applying for and what your plans are in the marketing and distribution of your developed product. For specifics on the program and pricing please review on the Dentrix Developer website,

Can I certify my product?

Certification costs are variable, depending on the type of certification required for your integration. After approval from Dentrix you will receive directions and communication from the Dentrix Certification Team, to expedite your certification process.

Can I sell my developed product?

You are authorized to distribute or sell your product after the certification process. There are two Dentrix 3rd party product distribution programs; Dentrix Connected and Dentrix MarketPlace. Dentrix approved certified products can be enrolled in either or both of these programs. The Dentrix Connected program is usage of the Dentrix Connected logo; this identifies your products as preferred, certified products that can be trusted to expand the functionality of Dentrix. Your Dentrix Connected products can also be approved to be showcased on a special web site on and in the Dentrix MarketPlace online store. For more information about the Dentrix Connected logo program, visit For more information on the Dentrix MarketPlace, visit

How do I sign-up?

Click ‘Apply Now’ on the Dentrix Developer website,, and then complete the application form. We will contact you with further details.

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