Dentrix LiveChat FAQ

Convert more web visitors into new patients with 24/7 live chat

Frequently Asked Questions

When a prospect lands on your website that has Live Chat enabled, an operator greets them and engages them in a conversation with the goal of collecting their contact information and reason for contacting your firm. That information is then sent to you for immediate follow-up.
We cover your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so you never miss a lead.
No. We have chat operators available 24/7/365 to greet and chat with your site visitors.
We ask different questions depending on the chat, but in general we are trying to get the basics of the visitor’s situation along with their contact information. Our main goal is conversion. We have a specific proven strategy to convert as many contacts as possible.
Once the chat is completed, we immediately send the chat transcript to you via email or text. We can also connect an active chat with your firm using Live Transfer or Instant Callback via phone when certain criteria set by you is met during a chat.
We usually have clients up and running within a few days of signing an agreement.
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