Dentrix Voice Perio

Streamline Your Perio Exam with Voice Recognition Software

Accurate, Hands-Free Recording with Dentrix Voice Perio

Dentrix Voice Perio helps to increase productivity and profitability while lowering virus transmission risk. Using affordable recording devices, Dentrix Voice Perio automatically records perio results called out verbally by a hygienist. Upgrade your legacy perio system to a ready-to-use, highly accurate voice recognition system that minimizes perio charting time and errors while maximizing patient care.

"It’s great when the hygienists can perio chart, call the numbers, bleeding and suppuration out loud for the patient to codiagnose their perio condition and additional staff are not needed to help. It transcribes the info very quickly and the patients like the high-tech approach."

- Dr. Fred Peck
Fred H. Peck, DDS

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