Dentrix Momentum Service Bundle

Keep your practice financially healthy with revenue cycle management tools

The Dentrix Momentum bundle includes everything in the Essentials bundle and adds digital tools to improve your billing, collections and insurance processes.


  • Cash flow. Generate and send billing statements on demand and expedite insurance payments with electronic insurance claims.
  • Efficiency. Eliminate manual billing processes, reduce collections calls, track insurance claims in real time, and add unlimited attachments to claims.
  • Patient satisfaction. Spend less time on the phone and more time helping patients by verifying insurance eligibility and tracking claim status online.

For one bundled price, your practice will receive:

  • Essentials service bundle
  • Online bill payment processing
  • Unlimited digital claim attachments
  • Online claim tracking
  • Instant insurance eligibility verification
  • Change of address notification
  • 10% transaction discount on eClaims™ and billing statements*
* First class postage not included
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